Outer Banks Season 2: Details About The New Season

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Outer Banks is an American mystery thriller teen drama having an action-adventure genre. Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke have created this television series. On July 24, 2020, Netflix announced renewing season 2 of the series after 3 months of the season 1.

Will Outer Banks Get Renewed For Season 2? Creator Details Plans For Future Of Netflix Show - CINEMABLEND
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When will Outer Bank season 2 release?

Josh Pate is not wasting any time and working on the script already for a month. He told me that Netflix has shown the green flag to write scripts. Season 2 has ten episodes about which a few rumors are in the air. The shooting of television series and movies has paused across the world due to the COVID pandemic. It implies that Outer Banks season 2 won’t be there for us before the last quarter of 2021 or early 2022.

Season 1 Ended On a Cliffhanger :

No one felt satisfied with the ending of Outer Bank season 1 finale. The Pogues find gold in the depths of the sunken Royal Merchant. Srah’s father, a major hater of her romance, steals the loot. He frames John B for murder. John B and Sarah survive and rescued at sea by some boat, but no one knows that. Their next moves? What is going to happen next?
Season 2 is being waited by viewers so desperately.

Outer Banks Stars Reveal Funny Season Finale Plot Hole
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Cast Of Outer Bank Season 2:

The cast of the first season is most probably going to return along with some new faces. Characters are going to have revenge in their heads. Here is the list of main characters:

  • Madison Bailey playing Kiara “Kie” who is the daughter of a successful restaurant owner. He usually hangs out with Pogues. She is basically a Kook as she is from a wealthy family, however, the Kooks don’t accept her as a Kook.
  • Chase Stokes playing John B who is the ringleader of the Pogues.
  • Madelyn Cline playing Sarah Cameron who is the daughter of Ward Cameron and John B’s love and many refer to her as the princess of the Kooks. However, her rebellious side often rejects the Kook’s life.
  • Jonathan Daviss playing Pope, the brains of the Pogues. Austin North playing Topper who is Sarah’s ex-boyfriend. he is a fellow Kook who hates the Pogues.
  • Rudy Pankow playing JJ who is the best friend of John B since the third grade and is a surfer.
  • Charles Esten playing Ward Cameron, Sarah’s father. He is a wealthy man who resides on the Outer Banks’ wealthier part.
  • Drew Starkey playing Rafe Cameron who is Sarah’s older brother.

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