Raised by Wolves: Ending Explained . What happens in the end?

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The HBO Max show “Raised by Wolves” has done premiering its Season 1 finale. But, the finale was really confusing for everyone out there. It looked like more of a beginning.

We saw Mother (Amanda Collin) giving birth to her baby, and Father (Abubakar Saim) in a way of developing feelings. We saw Marcus (Travis Fimmel) colliding with some Atheists, and Paul (Felix Jamieson) turning on to Sue (Niamh Algar).

The ending of the season one left the show’s characters literally on opposite sides of Keplar-22b and introduced a whole new set of challenges for the upcoming season two of the show. There are lots of questions hanging in our minds, like are there more survivors from Earth coming to the planet? Have the children been eating people the whole time? Did the mother give birth to one of the same creatures whose bones are all over the planet? And, a lot more.

To get all your answers keep following us and have a look at the things we have gathered up for you here.

Raised by Wolves: Who are the planet’s other inhabitants?

Raised by Wolves

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We see the pregnant mother easily killing one of the creatures who try to attack her. At first, she and Father believe that the humanoid-looking body is proof that the more feral creatures are evolving as humans did on Earth. Then they discover that it is holding a Neanderthal skull but it didn’t come from Earth. The androids realize that these creatures are humans whose existence on the planet far predates their warring settlements.

Mother further realizes that humans are not evolving instead they are devolving. Father further suggests that “this planet has a history that I fear we are dangerously ignorant of.”

While exploring her cave Mother discovers the lifeless components of the strange creature she glimpsed in her vision. After scanning the atheists’ tarot cards a dodecahedron with a helmeted head swivelling on it, spitting out the androids’ white blood. When she removes the helmet, she discovers a petrified head that looks if it could be some sort of android but whose expressions look very human and tortured.

It’s quite unclear how these figures relate to the devolving humans, but it is quite clear that it has some importance to Mother’s fetus.

Raised by Wolves: What was the ending?

By the end of the episode, we see Sue bleeding from her stomach wound, but somehow it doesn’t look fatal. And, even though Father and Mother willingly take the lander in a suicide mission to destroy her eel baby, they both survive the flight through the planet’s core and the subsequent crash on the other side.

And, we see Mithraic and Otho dead. Marcus survived being force-fed Mother’s eyes but is now tripping out on visions of Sol in the desert. He stumbles upon a group of Atheists who has just arrived in their own ship.

After all this, we finally see Mother giving birth. But the problem is that it is not a human-android hybrid, it is a voracious flying snake creature that must be killed. Father agrees to help Mother fly the group’s sole shuttle towards the core of the planet. The assumption is that they all will end up burned. However, they manage to fly through Kepler-22b’s core and wind up on the other side of the planet.

Paul begins to behave like Marcus after stumbling on some ancient designs. He actually turns on Sue as he is somehow able to surmise that she is really Mary, an Atheist, who killed the real Sue. He shots her but is subdued by other children.

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