The Indian Railways To Upgrade To AC Coaches, Sleeper Coaches To Be Discarded

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The Indian Railways is seriously revolutionizing itself. Whether it is the debate and influx of private players or simply the Modi’s plan to make a new India, the railways’ sector is bringing about new updates every week. You have heard about an RRTS train and the Hyperloop is under planning. Hence, it can be easily stated that the Indan Railways is going places, literally. Recently, it announced that there will not be any sleeper coaches in the trains. Now, don’t fret, because there is an up-gradation we are talking about. Keep reading for the details.

The Indian Railways to replace non AC sleepers

Sleeper coaches will have replaced AC coaches: The Indian Railways

The Ministry of Railways decided to upgrade the compartment style of the trains. Due to the emerging infrastructure of the trains, it saw that sleeper coaches will pose technical difficulty. Hence, the Indian Railways have decided to replace the sleeper coaches with AC coaches. However, these will come into practice only for the trains running at a speed of 130 kmph and beyond. To cater to this decision, the track on quadrilateral and diagonals are under up-gradation as well. This will facilitate the smooth running of trains running at 130 km/hr to 160 km/hr.

Ministry of Railways’ spokesperson DJ Narain said, “AC coaches are essentially a technical need for trains running on 130 or 160 km/hr.”

The Indian Railways to replace non AC sleepers
Source: India Times

The coaches transformation to ensue

The non-AC coaches will be made into AC ones in the Indian Railways. However, Narain also assured that this will not change the price drastically. The ticket prices will fall in an affordable range. The rakes for trains like Rajdhanis, Shtabdis, and Durontos are under fitting for operation at 130 km/hr. these trains will operate at 120 km/hr on parts of Golden Quadrilaterals and Diagonals. The non-AC coaches will thus, will only be a part of trains running at 110 km/hr. Further telling the updates on the process, he said, “An 83-berth coach is under the designing process. It will have 100 such coaches this year and 200 next year.”

The prototypical design will be manufactured at Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala and will be done within the next few weeks. Earlier, the trains had 72 berths in a sleeper coach. The officials are gearing up the sections at Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah for the reinstatement. Due to COVID-19, trains will not offer these anymore. The decision will ensure that the speed of these fast-moving trains remains ensured. For these trains, the wind and weather factors need only a certain type of coaches.

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