Power Outage Crisis Moves To Punjab After Rampaging Mumbai

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Harsirat Kaur
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The power outage is no new term for us Indians. Where the country follows the model of the developed nations in almost everything, this is what we have never seen. We have never experienced what it feels like getting electricity 24*7 365 days yearly. The manner of power cuts differs from place to place. However, the government recently started stating that power is in crisis currently, hence, let’s cut on electricity consumption. When Mumbai has already been under the clutches of no electricity, the state of Punjab is debating about the same pattern. What is the new face of India? How will the government fight the alleged less power? Is our future dark?

Power outage in parts of India
Source: The Galloway Gazette

Power outage in Mumbai

The power outage in Mumbai came after a major grid failed there. This caused a major blackout on Monday, October 12, 2020. This caused a lot of hullabaloo among the residents. People who wanted to travel by train had to reschedule. Students waiting to take their exams, which in this pandemic, is online, suffered the major loss for their bright future. Thus, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeyrey had to come to look into the matter. Now, the question arises is the blackout in Mumbai as a result of a grid failure. Why are Punjab citizens in fear?

What is Punjab stating and what do they want the government to do?

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited chairperson and MD, Venu Pradas said that Punjab is left with only two days of coal. What does that mean? No electricity for the people of Punjab, like ever? Major Punjabi news channel debated last night on the cause. Protest on the railways’ tracks is in force. All we want is answers. It is reported that Lehra Mohabbat, Ropar thermal, and GVK thermal plants are down already. Meanwhile, Talwandi Sabo and Nabha plants are on the brink of collapse. Most of the power outages are caused by technical faults. On the other hand, natural causes like the expiry of natural gas, or their shutdown don’t account that much.

Power outage in parts of India
Source: Times of India

According to the officials, the situation in Punjab is worsening because the protests related to Farm Bills on the railway tracks hinder the coal supply. Finance Minister of Punjab Manpreet Singh Badal urged the farmers to ease the protests. However, the farmers feel that the power outage is their step to silence their voice. The government is further making the citizens suffer so that they don’t have to listen. As they rightfully say, “Modi Ji says “Dil ki suno”, then why isn’t he listening to “kisano ke dil ki awaz”.

Currently, the state is producing 6,500 MW whereas the supply is 7,000 MW. Furthermore, the government says that if the protests do not lighten, consequently food grain production will also suffer, including wheat.

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