Thanks to COVID Pandemic: PC Sales Broke a 10- Year Record

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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The PC sales market recently grew by around 13 percent in the third quarter. This situation is in the current COVID pandemic across the globe. This is what we found in a report by Canalys which is the largest in the last decade in sales. Estimations of the analyst firm tell that shipments of PC and laptops have reached 79.2 million. this analysis is of during the quarter. It increased sales by 12.7 percent as sales continued to increase majorly from the COVID-19 pandemic.

PC Sales Just Broke A 10-Year Record Thanks To The Pandemic
Image: Forbes

More About The Increase In PC Sales :

Laptops were mostly sold because most of the employees continue to work from home. This contributed a huge section to the sale, with around 64 million units alone shipped during the 3rd quarter. Laptops and workstation shipments also observed an increase of 28.3 percent year over year. However, there was a decline of 26 percent in shipments of desktops and desktops workstations but, PC sales increased.

Canalys analyst Ishan Dutt told about sales of notebooks. He told that the supply chains, vendors, and the channel now have time to plan and find their feet. They are planning to divide resources towards the supply of notebooks. Notebooks are in high demand by both businesses and personal uses by customers. And hence, it is shifting vendors’ interest in this section.

Lenovo gained the top stop in the market again during this third quarter. The growth was 11.4 percent with shipments reaching exceeding 19 million. HP got the second position, with a growth of 23.6 percent and summed up shipments of 18.7 million. On the other hand, Dell stood on the third seat even after a drop of 0.5 percent in shipments in comparison with last year. This shows the increase in the sales of PC.

Lenovo North America PC Chief: 'We've Never Had This Much Demand Waiting  For Us'
Image: CRN

Apple and Acer came in fourth and fifth positions respectively. Apple got a growth of 13.2 percent whereas Acer got 15 percent.

Canalys says the COVID pandemic has created a long-lasting effect on the style of doing work. The companies are investing in technologies and strategies that serve long- term purposes. A high amount of investment is found in the IT sector, including in PCs. This could be a drive-in force to economic recovery after the crisis. As we are investing in factors of production. Thus, COVID made an impact on PC sales.

Canalys Research Director, Rushabh Doshi recently made a statement. “As the link between home lives and work is highly blurred, it becomes crucial to move devices towards an array of use cases. It should focus on battery life, network connectivity, display, mobility, and audio quality.”


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