Donald Trump makes a remark claiming him to be immune from COVID-19

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A few weeks ago President Donald Trump got infected with the deadly corona virus and as for now, he is no longer contagious. Nine days after being stopped in his tracks by COVID-19. On Saturday, his physician Sean Conley said in a statement that “I am happy to report that in addition to the President meeting CDC criteria for the safe discontinuation of isolation, this morning’s COVID PCR sample demonstrators, by currently recognised standards, he is no longer considered a transmission risk to others”.

Earlier, Dr. Conley has been accused of the lack of transparency with the public. He said that it had been 10 days since Mr. Trump first began showing symptoms of the corona virus.  He added further saying, tests showed there was “no longer evidence of actively replicating virus,” and that Mr. Trump’s viral load was “decreasing”. Though, he didn’t say exactly that President Donald Trump is now virus free.

Donald Trump makes a remark on his immune from COVID-19
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Instead, he said that Mr. Trump is now fever free and symptoms have “improved”, adding that; he would continue to monitor the President as he “returns to an active schedule”.

On Sunday, Mr. Trump also declared himself immune from COVID-19; as he prepared to return to the campaign trail in a fight to regain ground against surging rival Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump said in a Fox News Interview that “It looks like I am immune for, I don’t know maybe a long time and maybe a short time; it could be a lifetime, nobody really knows, but I am immune.”

He further added, “You have a President who is immune…so now you have a president who doesn’t have to hide in a basement like his opponent.” With this, he took a quick jibe at the Democrat Biden and his far more cautious approach to campaigning in a pandemic.

It is not yet clear to what degree contracting COVID-19 confers immunity from future infection, with early studies suggesting a few months while newer ones have indicated it could last longer.

Plus, during his phone interview on Fox News, Mr. Trump went to suggest that his White House rival could himself be sick. President Donald Trump said “If you look at Joe, he was coughing yesterday horribly and grabbing his mask, as he was coughing. And, I don’t know what that was all about, and it didn’t get much press.”


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