Donald Trump fan Bussa Krishna dies of cardiac arrest, was depressed over US President contracting COVID-19

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Donald Trump’s ardent fan, Bussa Krishna, who had been devastated after he heard that the President of the United States had contracted coronavirus infection, died on 11 October after a cardiac arrest.

Krishna had built Trump’s six-foot-tall statue at his home in Telangana and had been worshipping the President of the United States for the past four years, ever since, according to the Indian Express report, Trump had appeared in his dream one morning.

“He fell into despair after discovering that Trump had contracted coronavirus. He didn’t eat well. When we rushed him to the hospital, the doctors pronounced him dead. The cause of his death was a heart arrest,” B Vivek, a relative, told the newspaper.

Krishna, according to the article, has been so fascinated with Trump ever since the dream that he initially began offering prayers to a framed photograph of the President of the United States and taking a photograph everywhere he went. He then invested over Rs 2 lakh constructing a statue, which came to be named the ‘Trump Temple.’

“His mother had to undergo knee surgery, and he’s been here in Toopran for the last 10-15 days. As usual, he did his ‘Trump pujas’ and went to the fields. He was completely well,” said Vivek, his cousin. According to the newspaper, Krishna’s wish was to meet Trump during his visit to India.

“As sad as we are that he died without ever meeting Trump once, we hope that at least the news of his death will hit Trump now,” said Venkat Goud, the sarpanch in the village of Konne, where Krishna lived.

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