Cobra Kai Season 3: The Comprehensive Collection Of The Season So Far

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Cobra Kai Season 3 on Netflix has a whole new world bowing at its feet. Well, technically, not new, because the fandom for cobra Kai dates years back. However, as soon as Cobra Kai got a new home, people again started reliving the world of dojos and karate. The first two seasons are streaming on Netflix, now. Also, Netflix decided to keep the show breathing. Hence, Cobra Kai Season 3 came into real life. Watch the video to find out the release date, plus further plans of the series.

(Scream like a pig, obviously, an excited one!)

“Cobra Kai Never Dies”, not that we want to! (Cobra Kai Season 3 release date)

The story of Cobra Kai on Netflix is just beginning. However, Kreese rightfully said, “the story is just beginning”. obviously, with the breathtaking still drama to ensue, we want it to continue forever. Now, you know that Cobra Kai Season 3 will release on January 8, 2021, on Netflix. While we wait for the season to premiere on our screens, the makers are also working for another season. Netflix confirmed that Cobra Kai Season 4 is in development, or “in training”. This makes us wonder about the plot of the show because if the makers want to split it and elongate it for particular arcs, it will be interesting on a parallel level.

Cobra Kai Season 3
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Cobra Kai story

On Netflix, Cobra Kai brought back the days of Karate Kid. Where we saw some veteran characters returning, we didn’t see Dutch. The show is on Netflix’s top ten streaming shows. The viewership has crossed 2.17 billion streaming minutes. After seeing the trailer and date, there are tons of speculations about the upcoming story. In the video, we see Miguel waking up from a coma. In the previous seasons, a gruesome fight between Miguel and the opposite dojo. This may let Robby Keane behind bars as we saw. So, there are some clear pictures based on the past. Now, as far as going to Japan is concerned, we will see the leading Karate owner or not, that is what will be interesting. Johnny and old friend, Ali can have a new and reignited relationship. as well. These are the theories we create based on what has happened so far.

Cobra Kai Season 3
Source: Hello Magazine

Dutch’s absence in Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer explained

As far as Dutch not present in the trailer is concerned don’t fret. Because he is just in Lompoc Federal prison. The crime is unknown and that explains the makers and the arc they want to take, which is secretive yet. McQueen’s schedule also did not line up with the show’s. This is sad for the reunion, however, the story we will see in Cobra Kai Season 3 is even more impactful.

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