Russia to register second Covid-19 vaccine by October 15

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Russia plans to file a second possible vaccine against Covid-19 by Oct. 15, the TASS news agency quoted Russian public welfare watchdog Rospotrebnadzor as saying on Tuesday.

The vaccine was developed by the Vector Institute of Siberia, which concluded early human vaccine trials last week.

Russia registered the first vaccine candidate, developed by the Moscow Gamaleya Institute, in August. Late-stage trials affecting at least 40,000 participants are underway.

Russia approves first Covid-19 prescription drug for sale in pharmacies

Russia has approved R-Pharm Coronavir medication for outpatients with mild to severe COVID-19 infections, and the antiviral medication could be rolled out to pharmacies in the country as soon as next week, the firm said on Friday.

The acceptance of Coronavir as a prescription drug follows the green light for another Russian drug named COVID-19, Avifavir, in May. Both are based on favipiravir, which has been developed in Japan and is commonly used as the basis for viral therapy.

R-Pharm ‘s announcement is another indication that Russia is working hard to take a global lead in the virus race. It is now selling its Covid-19 experiments and has signed a number of foreign contracts for the distribution of its Sputnik-V vaccine.

R-Pharm indicated that it obtained clearance for Coronavir after Phase III clinical trials involving 168 patients with Covid-19.

The medication was first approved for in-hospital use in the treatment of Covid-19 in July, a government registry published.

The Coronavirus trial was relatively thin. On Friday, the European Health Regulator approved the use of steroid dexamethasone in the care of Covid-19 patients after a review of several thousand patients by UK researchers.

R-Pharm has begun negotiations with pharmacies about orders, the company’s spokesperson said, with Coronavir deliveries scheduled to roll out in the immediate future, perhaps as soon as next week.

Coronavirus vaccine is manufactured at the R-Pharm facility in Yaroslavl, about 300 km (186 miles) northeast of Moscow.

Avifavir has been available in hospitals since June but has not yet been delivered to pharmacies.

Both are based on the active ingredient favipiravir, which is also a key component of Fujifilm Holdings Corp’s antiviral drug Avigan, which was approved for emergency influenza treatment in Japan in 2014.

Trials to test against Covid-19 are ongoing around the world. The findings of the July Japanese analysis were inconclusive.

It is developed by numerous Indian generic drug manufacturers, including Lupin, Cipla and Dr. Reddy, for use against Covid-19 in India.

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