Timeless Season 3 : Is It Cancelled or Not ?

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Timeless Season 3 is it officially canceled? Or will there be a season 3? Certain questions are rising confusion for the fans. Throughout the years, more various sci-fi shows felt by us amazed. The top acts such as Mr.Robot, Altered Carbon, Travelers, Snowpiercer, and several more Produced by none other than Erik Kripke. "<yoastmark

Timeless Overview:

Timeless remains one of a famous American sci-fi TV show; the first episode was aired in October 2016. The drama is written by Erik Kripke and is acknowledged for producing hits such as Supernatural, The Boys, Tarzan, and various more. Timeless shares the story of a club that is determined to destroy the Earth. However, a different club is built to stop them from getting over. It is a club that adds Professor Lucy Preston, along with beside her bodyguard Wyatt, also engineer Rufus.

The club goes to stop the opposition from getting a time machine. For if they acquire the time machine, people can change the course of history. Timeless has an IMDb rating of 7.7/10, and Timeless has obtained a smash hit. Hence far, Timeless ought gone on to air for consecutive couple seasons. Including now the fans so desperately expecting for Timeless Season 3.

Therefore, let’s drill into the details regarding the fate of Timeless Season 3.

Is there A Season 3?

After its release, the show was having a steady rating followed by enormous viewers. It had a massive fanbase within in a short time. Since 18 months, there has not been any new episode of Timeless. The show also had many good reviews.

It has good fan ratings on IMDb, and analysts also generally liked the show. But the fewer viewers’ number was a big hurdle to overcome. Even Season 2 only came back because of the small fandom was desperately asking for it.

But NBC could not keep the show going with few viewers number. So they canceled the show after Season 2. But, fans stood over protesting with the production decision. People wanted the series to proceed. Even producers wanted to provide a finale to the fans. However, NBC was not showing interest in another show.

Is Timeless Officially Cancel?

We can say it a big yes the NBC is not showing even a small amount of interest for another season. The Timeless has struggled a lot since season 1; it was canceled. By the negotiations with sony, the season 2 came back to fans in 2018. The NBC stated again there would be no season 3 further.

We can so many shows coming back after many years and many times. As now we can see the Timeless has done only two seasons. For now, however, there are no updates, and it seems like the 2018 movie is the last people will see of Timeless.

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