COVID-19 patients under home isolation: No more posters outside their houses

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There will be no poster outside the houses of COVID-19 patients under hoe isolation in the national capital, as per the official sources on Thursday. They said that the move is aimed at minimising the stigma resulting from the affixing of such posters at the front doors of such patients.

The source said, “There will be no posters outside the houses of COVID-19 patients who are under home isolation.”

According to the authorities, there are currently 12,890 COVID-19 patients under home isolation in Delhi. The ones having mild symptoms or are asymptomatic are suggested to stay under home isolation under the Delhi government’s policy. Until now, posters were affixed at the entrance of their homes.

COVID-19 patients under home isolation: No more posters outside their houses

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On Thursday, Delhi’s COVID-19 tally crossed the three-lakh mark with 2,726 fresh cases; while the death toll due to the disease mounted to 5,653; with 37 fatalities recorded in the last 24 hours. On Wednesday, the case tally stood at over 2.98 lakh; with 2,871 fresh cases, while the death toll was 5,616 with 35 fresh casualties.

According to some sources, the decision has been taken after it was found out that several people, even those with symptoms; were not coming forward to get tested fearing that a poster will be put up outside their homes. A senior government official said, “Due to the stigma attached to the disease; not many people were voluntarily coming forward; to get tested. The move has been taken to motivate people. In several cases, patients have reached the hospital in a severe stage; which leads to complications. We do not want that scenario.”

Meanwhile, a revised containment strategy prepared by an expert committee led by NITI Aayog member Dr. VK Paul has suggested to the Delhi government that testing should not be geared towards targets but towards surveillance. The report said “Increase in number of tests should be reflected in an increase in case findings. Merely increasing the number of tests to reduce the positivity rate would not be appropriate.”

The committee said that more than 80% tests have been conducted by rapid antigen tests and in a few districts; it is up to 90-95%. The positivity rate is 4.3% by RAT and 20.33% by RT-PCR as on 24th September.

Expressing concern over mortalities reported in under 15 (1.5% approx) and young age groups 16-44 years (17%), it suggested a regular death audit review of COVID and non-COVID mortalities in coordination with the National Centre for Disease Control.


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