G Suite’s Unlimited Google Drive Storage Is Probably Coming To A Halt

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Google Drive is one of the most used features of Google’s G Suite. This is because this cloud storage is present in every smartphone. It is easily compatible, accessible, and most importantly, free. Also, there is unlimited storage for the business account holders and distinguished it from others. But, now G Suite is getting renovated into Google Workspace. Along with this change, unlimited Google Drive storage is going away too. This is the latest venture that Google undertook. However, we do not know this for sure. Sources have said that Google Drive works differently on G Suit than on Google Workspace.

What Is Google Workspace, and Does It Fully Replace G Suite?
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What Changes Are Coming In The Functionality Of Google Drive?

In the G Suite version, the “Basic” version gave every user a free “30GB” limit. But, also one can have as many users as one wants. Also, in the “Business” version, there was a limit on the number of users. But, along with this restriction, there was a catch. If the number of users is above 4, then the storage is unlimited. But if we compare, Google Workspace has very strict restrictions and requirements on the storage as well as the number of users. This is a major change that Google is bringing and this might even upset many users. But, it sure would have a solid reason for this change.

The “Business Starter” offers a user up to 30GB worth of storage per user. The “Business Standard” tier would give a user the storage access of up to 2 terabytes. Now, there is one more category for businesses. This is called “Business Plus” and offers a user of up to 5 terabytes. But, all these tiers have a limited number of users as opposed to G Suite’s unlimited user access. Google Workspace allows around 300 users only.

According to Google, only a handful of businesses, firms, and organizations understood the benefits of full and unlimited access to Google Drive. According to Google :

“A relatively small number of organizations in a few specific industries actually realize the full benefit of unlimited storage. With the new editions, we’re providing more value with features that are useful to more customers, like Meet recordings in the new Business Standard edition, while maintaining pricing and plentiful storage. And with the Enterprise editions, available to customers of all sizes, more storage can be requested if needed.”

G Suite is now Google Workspace and ready for work's future - 9to5Google
Image Credits: 9to5Google

This change indeed is strict. The transition from G Suite to Google Workspace will have tighter strings.

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