Biden regrets calling Trump a “clown” during the debate

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Washington, Oct 6 (PTI) Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he regretted branding President Donald Trump a “clown” during the first presidential debate, which was characterized by furious interruptions and bitter allegations.

“I was meant to suggest this is a clownish undertaking, instead of calling it a clown,” Biden said in response to a question at the NBC News Municipality in Miami, Florida.

During the first of three presidential debates in Cleveland last week, Biden dubbed Trump a “liar” and a “clown” as the two candidates argued hard on a variety of topics, including bigotry, economics, and climate change.

“It was a terrible discussion. And it hit a couple of lows. You called him a freak, you called him an idiot. You ordered him to shut the fuck up. I guess most people agree that you have been disturbed by the President. Yet it appeared to go against some of the words where you said you weren’t divisive. Do you have any regrets on your part? “Biden was asked to be in Miami on Monday night.

“It was,” Biden answered. “I was trying to sort out how I could potentially make him respect the conversation, respect the evening, respect the moderator, and allow us a chance to chat. One thing that became abundantly obvious, he didn’t want to answer any questions. He didn’t want to talk about the material,” Biden said, describing the reasoning for using the word clown for Trump.

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“When you recall, not a single time that I can remember, did he give a constructive response or critique relating to a policy issue. It was all invective. It was all personal. It was all stuff that had nothing to do with whether you’re trying to improve these people’s lives for the better. And I was really disappointed,” Biden said, adding that he used the term out of indignation.

“But the truth is, I’m going to be very frank with you. I thought it was humiliating for the country to see the President of the United States hectoring just as he did, and it was really for a personal assault,” Biden said.

Biden and Trump are expected to face two more presidential debates later this month.
The top Republican leaders slammed Biden for branding Trump a clown.

“The only problem I had — when you watched Joe Biden — I say, just the way he did — to refer to, shut up guy and clown. He seemed more worried with cheap shots than ever worrying about the problems we have with China, the epidemic, and getting industry and the economy back on track,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to Fox Business in an interview.

During the Miami City Hall, Biden said, “It was really complicated.”
“I didn’t want to further demean the mechanism of the discussion by, on the one hand, getting into a yelling match with him. And I tried really hard, as you heard, to look in the camera and answer the questions directly, but they kept getting banged,” he said.

“I think we’re able to get this next conference, that’s called a discussion, so we’re meant to have a town meeting, so I think we’ll at least get the chance to hear the query and address that clearly until there’s an intrusion. Yet, as I said to the President, not now, not here now, not me. I’m not willing to do it,” Biden said.


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