How Much Was ‘Joker’ Star, Joaquin Phoenix Paid For The Role?

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Joker stands as the highest-grossing R-rated flick in history.

Since Joker was released three weeks ago, the dark superhero movie has gotten close to $850 million in revenue worldwide. It has been tagged as the highest-grossing movie in the R-rated category. Fans of the movie predict that the Todd Philips-directed film will hit $1 billion soon at the box office. Others believe that it could get an Oscar nomination for excellent acting.

The star of the movie, Joaquin Phoenix who plays the role of the joker has been praised for his role in the film. The movie raked in a lot of money for the Warner Bros Studios, but what about the star? Well, Phoenix reportedly earned $4.5 million for his role.

Critics believe that this payment is a lot lower than his counterpart DC movie stars. Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot are reported to earn approximately $10 million for their forthcoming roles in Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman.

The dark superhero flick was considerably more expensive to make going by all the comic book standards. The budget for the film was set at $64 million. This is probably why Phoenix didn’t receive higher pay for the film like his counterparts. However, the Joker movie is his most successful film and people are already speculating the possibility of landing an Oscar nomination.

Phoenix is currently worth $35 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. The 45-year-old actor has earned sizable amounts for his movies in the past. His payments range from $375,000 which was paid for a supporting role in Quills, a Marquis de Sade biopic. For his role in The Village, Phoenix earned $5 million according to IMDb. Other roles include Signs and Walk the Line where the actor earned $1 million and $3.5 million respectively.

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