PM Modi feels like Non-State Actors Are Dissimilating Artificial Intelligence. His Address At RAISE 2020.

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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PM Modi in his address at RAISE 2020 posed news sets of uncertainties. Modi’s address usually glorifies the actions that the government takes. However, in this address, he emphasized on the importance of humans and their emotions. The rising array of Artificial Intelligence and computerized gadgets that threaten to replace the humans is not a new phenomenon. The way the gadgets have eased our work or in other words, eliminated labor, has been a boon. But, the coming age also poses to completely eliminate the essence of humanity. Indian Prime Minister realized that and thus, in his address, he said that India will focus on responsible AI rather than gadgets.

PM Modi on RAISE 2020
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PM Modi on RAISE 2020

RAISE or Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020 is a virtual summit that started on October 5, 2020. It will run for five days globally. In the prime Minister’s address, talking about the increasing dependence on Artificial Intelligence, PM Modi said that India’s model focuses on using the same for empowering India. India joined countries like Autrsilai, United States, the United Kingdom, Canda, France, Germany, and New Zealand for Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, in June.

PM Modi talked about AI and sad that it can never overpower the creativity and emotional intelligence of humans. They are just complementary tools to benefit the humans. His address also highlighted the fact that using AI comes with a lot of responsibility. To operate it and to properly understand its algorithm, proper transparency should be maintained. We have to be beware of the non-state actors which aim at weaponizing the AI. Non-state actors are organizations and entities that operate free of government. They do not get their funds or assistance of any sort from the government.

Future plans on empowering India

PM Modi spoke on how he wants India to become a global hub for AI. He said, “Many Indians are working so hard on this. I hope more and more of Indians start working on AI to make India a global hub for AI.” He wants the new India model to use AI in all sectors, including agriculture, urban infrastructure, and disaster management. He also talked about a new educational venture to launch soon based on AI is ‘The National Technology Forum’. This will offer e-education units to enhance the digital infrastructure, digital content, and overall capacity.

Furthermore, the launch of the ‘Responsible AI for Youth’ program in April is the base for building the towering kingdom of ethical AI use in India.

PM Modi on RAISE 2020
Source: India AI

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