US President Donald Trump Reaches The White House After 4-Days Stay At Military Hospital

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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US President Donald Trump is in the news for his diagnosis of coronavirus. The president who has not been that strict about the enforcement of health precautions for the pandemic is affected by the same. During the ongoing presidential elections, we got the news that Trump is down. This caused his hospitalization in a military hospital in Maryland. After a four-day stay, he returns to the White House, and even though he came wearing a mask, he removed it inside. This move further puts him on the intellectual radar and questions his sanity for his actions.

US president Donald Trump returns to White House
US President Donald Trump removing his mask in White House–Photo via DW

“Feel better than I did 20 years ago”: US President Donald Trump

The President has a way of delivering his speech rhetorically. When asked about his health, he commented that he feels way better in years. However, the doctors have something contradictory to add about that. Sean Conley, his physician, told the reporters that US President Donald Trump “may not entirely be out of the woods yet.” We listen to the professionals and attest that even though he is out of the hospital, he is still not fully recovered. Now, with more and more White House personnel testing positive like press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, the severity is rising.

After coming back, he also took to Twiter in which he asked the citizens to not be afraid of the coronavirus. Seems like he still does not want to address the rising number of deaths due to coronavirus.

President is back at work and feels stronger

Dr. Sean Conley further told the reports that Trump’s health in the last 24 hours has improved. He said, “it’s been more than 72 hours since his last fever.” The oxygen levels and his breathing among other clinical statuses show that he is fit to return back home. Donald Trump also tweeted “Will be back on Campaign trial soon!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls.”

US President Donald Trump doctor Sean Conley
Sean Conley—Source: The Indian Express

The President is on the does of remedesivir and he will get the fifth and final dose of the proposed vaccination tomorrow. The doctors assured that he will constantly have a tea of medical professionals around him. The polls seem to fall more in Biden’s lap. He is back to contest his mettle for the presidential election 2020. As far as the state of the virus is concerned, Dr. Conley said that this weekend will tell them a detailed analysis of his health. The doctors will only let the US President Donald Trump go on free if the recovery continues till Monday. We hope that the White House starts recovering soon. The pandemic is serious, way serious in the United States, and the people in power should not undermine it. The death rate has crossed 210k in the US.

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