One Punch Man Finally Revealed the Real Face Of Blast

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Harsirat Kaur
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One Punch man has been on the roll for a few years now. However, people who read the manga series diligently have been wondering when the anime will uncover the identity of Blast. Saitama is the fiercest and mightiest warrior but, Blast is someone who always made people question that. We know the endeavors of One Punch Man. But, what about Blast? Why were the producers not showing Blast? As it’s said, good things take time. Well, we don’t know how good Blast will emerge to be in Saitama’s story, but we have the official look of Blast. With two season snow on the roll, we will see Blast.

One Punch Man Blast
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The characters in One Punch Man

Before jumping into the fun part, let’s take a look at other characters of this anime. The main characters include Saitama, a bald hero who can overthrow anyone with a single punch. The other main face is that of Genos. He is a Saitama’s disciple who happens to have an identity of a cyborg. The other influential characters are Tornado, Bang, Atomic Samurai, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, King, Zomiemaan, Drive Knight, Pig God, Watchdog Man, and Flashy Flash. We can’t forget to mention Metal bat, Amai Mask, Stinger, and finally, Blast.

One Punch Man Blast
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Who is Blast?

That is the question of those who are not familiar with him. Blast or Barasuto is an S-class superhero. He is the top hero of the Hero Association. No one knows where he is at. However, what others do know of him is that whenever he will emerge, he will threaten the entire humanity. Someone who knows of him is Terrible Tornado. The legend has it that Blast once fought Centichoro, a mammoth centipede, and nearly killed him. The battle between both of them and quoting Tatsumaki’s words, Blast asked her to not expect help from anyone else, hence, she became a superhero herself. So, that gives us an inkling of his strength.

We saw him a little bit in Chapter 106 of ONE’s One Punch Man webcomic. Though in the chapter we only see his short hair and his cloak. The cloak he adorns makes us think of that of Saitama’s. After years of manga’s new chapters, we have Chapter 135 among us. In the chapter, the studio decided to bless us with Blast’s face.

What does One Punch Man Chapter 135 show of Blast?

In the ongoing battle, Amai Mask was unbearably scared of all the S-class heroes. However, when he proceeds to start battling them, he sees a silhouette of Number one S-class superhero, Blast. The mirage made him feel Blast’s presence consoling him. When reading the chapter, the reader thinks “oh, it’s just another flashback.” But, turns out, Blast is there in One Punch Man. Blast wears a cape and metallic suit. We still don’t know what new the studio will offer us of him. What we do know is that Amai Mask made us see Blast via flashback, we might as well see him in reality. What if it is a premonition of something which awaits all of them?

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