Chirag Paswan, President of Lok Janshakti Party decides to not join the NDA Alliance and wants to take a solo run

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Chirag Paswan, President of the Lok Janshakti party finally decided to take a solo run in the ongoing Bihar elections. The alliances that are in power amidst the Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections are NDA and UPA. In the former, the giant political parties are BJP and JD(U). On the other hand, in the latter, we see big names like RJD, Congress, CPM, CPI, and CPI(M-L). The debate to increase the unity in the NDA Alliance has been going on. Hence, the parties were eyeing LJP to join the force. After a lot of deliberation, the president of the said party decided to not join anyone and wants to become its own master. In his opinion, he wants to enjoy the election, and associating with other parties won’t just serve him what he wants.

Chirag Paswan decides to take a solo run in Bihar elections 2020
Chirag Paswan with his party members–Source: India TV News

Chirag Paswan declines the NDA Alliance request

A bold and independent move of Chirag Paswan brought him into the limelight. Where people want to ally with the ruling party and climb up the ladder, Chirag Paswan seems like having his own motives. This commendable move may hurt the BJP and JD(U) ambitions. However, the LJP president made it quite clear that no can do anything. This also opens up a wave of new possibilities. How? The party which the ruling alliance wanted to work with must have something in it. So, if the same party decides to not associate and try its luck, it can change the face of Bihar elections 2020. The polls which seem to fall in the favor of the UPA Alliance as well can fall elsewhere in the future.

However, his decision to not associate with the NDA does not mean that he denies all relations with it. Chirag Paswan made it clear that he will “follow the path of progress shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.” Though he wants to win the election, he wants to do it without any rivalry and with people’s support. The LJP party not only has ties with prominent upper caste people but also has notable Dalit voters.

Chirag Paswan vs Nitish Kumar
LJP vs JDU–Source: Ampinity News

LJP’s official statement and intentions

The politician while flashing a victory symbol, said, “Let me enjoy the moment. I will not speak on this any further but we will win the battle.” The decision to not enter the NDA alliance also stems from LJP’s differences with JD(U). National general secretary, Abdul Khaliq made it clear when he gave his statement. He said, “At the national level as well the Lok Sabha elections, LJP shares a strong alliance with BJP. Our candidate will, however, fight the election against JDU on the seats.”

The party ruling the state of Bihar is JD(U), so the main motive of all the contenders is to re-create history in the JD(U) run state. Chirag Paswan intends to win as many as 143 seats in the upcoming polls. The favor which JDU did on the recommendation of BJP got a firm denial in its face. Now, with the upcoming three phases starting from October 28, we will see some major decision alterations in the battle between the best and emerging political parties. “Bihari first, Bihari first” may be LJP’s chant but the other parties as well are keen on screaming the same.

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