Tonikawa: Over the Moon for you Episode 2: Latest Updates!

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Tonikawa: Over the Moon is one of the most loved anime in the animation world. It is a Japanese Manga series written and illustrated by Kenjiro Hata. The story revolves around a teen genius Nasa Yuzaki and his developing relationship with his wife, Tsukasa, who saves him in a car accident at the beginning of the story.

The anime TV series adaptation by Seven Arcs premiered on October 2020 on Tokyo MX and other channels.

Tonikawa: Over the Moon for you Episode 2: What happened in the first episode?

tonikawa over the moon for you episode 2


Tsukasa Tsukuyomi disappeared for 3 years and came back to the love of her life and agrees to marry him legally. Their love started to blossom. Their precious newlywed life of love begins and they also change their name legally. Nasa Yuzaki is a genius who fell in love at first sight with Tsukasa Tsukuyomi the moment she saved his life.

The relationship between Nasa and Tsukasa started to be more close to each other sharing their love. The couple begins to hold hands and embrace each other. When their love story continues Aya Arisagawa; who has a crush on Nasa, belives that Nasa and Tsukasa are just relatives. They are not even married and one day she learned the truth; but she ends up accepting and support their relationship.

Kaname Arisagawa is Nasa’s junior; and the primary caretaker of the Arisagawa public bathhouse; she supports Nasa’s relationship with no doubts. She always gives advice to Nasa and Tsukasa on how they should nature their relationship to make it grow stronger.

Aya Arisagawa is Nasa’s classmate who has feelings for Nasa because of her love; she allows Nasa to be with the one he lovers. Chitose Kaginoji is Tsukasa’s sister who gives Nasa hard times.

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