Russian Federation is Responsible for my Death: Journalist from Russia dies After Setting Herself on Fire

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An independent news website editor in Russia, Irina Slavina, died this Friday by setting herself on fire. Later, a police raid was held in a probe aiming for an opposition group. This is what her website confirmed.

Russian journalist dies after setting herself on fire
Image Source: The Telegraph

In the industrial city of Nizhny Novgorod, site Koza. Press reported that “in front of police headquarters, website’s editor-in-chief had set herself on fire”.

Later her death was confirmed by city investigators in a statement told that her body had “signs of thermal burns”, also saying that there was “no connection of her death” to raids by police as she was just a witness in this probe.

On Facebook, Irina had posted hours just before her death: “I ask you to blame my death on the Russian Federation.” On Thursday, she had posted on social media that police burst into her home in an early morning raid.

Shock after Russian journalist sets self on fire, dies
Image Source: New Strait Times

Social media has a video of her on a bench, setting herself on fire in front of headquarters.
Slavina’s website is reporting in an investigative way and showed their opposition to President Vladimir Putin. Her supporters and friends are totally devasted.

Her website informed that her husband had confirmed that she “died from her injuries”. Later, the site was not accessible shortly.

Various journalists and activists tributed to the death of Irina including Pavel Chikov, an advocate who texted on the Telegram messenger that he was there working with her when she was charged two times for publishing fake news and disrespecting the authorities.
She posted oh Thursday that the police and federation guards were looking for evidence of links to Open Russia.

“I have nothing,” said the journalist, adding that police grabbed and sealed her notes and computer including laptops and phones belonging to her, her husband, and her daughter.
“I have no means of production,” she further added.

After being poisoned in Russia, Alexei Navalny, an opposition leader who is recovering in Berlin with what doctors of Germany said was a military-grade nerve agent, explained Irina’s death as “terrible”.

He further wrote that “A criminal case was designed against Irina under a charge of politics, her home was searched, doors were cut out and computers and phones confiscated, they drove Irina to suicide”.

In Slavina’s memory on a city street, a vigil was being held by people, a local news website reported, there was a man holding a placard “the state kills” written on it.

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