Real Steel 2: From Levy’s convulsion to Jackman’s hopes to our wish, what awaits?

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Real Steel 2 is seriously the most enigmatic project. When we feel like we know something concrete, something buzz cutting happens. So, what is the status of the film? Will it happen? Real Steel came in 2011. The movie was based on Richard Matheson’s short story Steel. This science-fiction sports film really showed an exemplary depiction of robots and animatronics. The film received major praise for the visual effects and action scenes. The film revolved around robots boxing. Set in 2020, the story shows how Charlie Ambush loses a fight to a carnival owner Ricky. However, Ambush absconds before Ricky can come to collect his bet. The film was pretty darn outstanding.

Real Steel 2 updates
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What do we think of Real Steel 2?

Getting a sequel is not that hard anymore. With films getting sequels the same year, Real Steel 2 is not unlikely. However, the way the story unfolded to what Hugh Jackman is planning, it becomes pretty much improbable. The 2011 film crossed our expectations. Nobody thought that this futuristic film can do so well. Funny enough, the year is now 2020, so what we want the most is a sequel to finalize. The film is now dominating the world of Netflix. The director Shawn Levy is ecstatic about the newfound success on the streaming giant.

Shawn Levy could have a lot of strings he wants to sow in a second film. So, what can we get in Real Steel 2, if we get it?

Real Steel 2 updates
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The plot

The question of Atom and his past remains dwindling in the air. Shawn Levy previously has mentioned that he would love to touch on that. We could see more of the intricacy of its design and get to know more about the components of artificial intelligence and consciousness. We want to see the Atom winning fairly and squarely. Hugh Jackman along with Steven has been involved in formulating certain drafts. However, “no draft got them like a yes in the same moment.”

We could potentially see a time jump, like five years from now. We could see Max and Charlie further grown-up and considerable changes in Atom. A victory on his part will be desirable.

Real Steel 2 updates
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Who will come back in Real Steel 2?

We will surely see Hugh Jackman coming back as Charlie Kenton, Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton, Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet, and Anthony Mackie as Finn. We could also see other actors reprising like Kevin Durand and Hope Davis. New potential stars could also come, it all depends on the director’s new finalized script.

The release date is unknown

That being said, we have been waiting for nine years now. With 2020 approaching its end, no news yet has come. However, Real Steel 2 on Netflix sounds like a likely deal. If Netflix hears our pleas, we can get the finalization news in 2021 or 2022.

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