Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 228 release date and upcoming story

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Diamond No Ace Act 2 is wild and people keep asking for more. The manga series turned anime, also known as Ace of Diamond is a Japanese shonen baseball series. The writer and the illustrator of the series is Yuji Terajima. The serialization of the manga began in 2006. The sequel Ace of Diamond Act 2 came out in 2015. The anime adaptation of the manga premiered on April 2, 2019.

The manga and anime revolve around a baseball pitcher, Eijun Sawamura. He has an unusual changeup pitch. Due to his talent, he bags a scholarship and decides to make it to the nationals. However, when he enters this new school, he encounters tons of talented rivals who want the same prize as him. Further, in his journey at school, he becomes successful in leading a team alongside Furuya, Haruichi, and Miyuki. They have to convince their favorite coach Kataoka not to resign. Now, the fans are waiting for Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 223 and this is the information we have about it.

Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 223
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When will the Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 228 release?

New chapters of the manga always release on Thursdays. The second season marked a huge growth which comparative the first season made it more popular. The next chapter of the manga will come out on Thursday, October 8, 2020. So, you can mark your calendars and see what are the next steps of Sediou.

The main characters of the anime

The main characters of the anime include Okumura, Yui, Masashi, Asada, Seto, Sawamura, Haruichi, Kanemaru,Furuya, Tojo, Miyuki, Kuramochi, Kawakami, Maezono, and Shirasu.

Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 223
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What will happen in Diamond No Ace Act 2 Chapter 228?

The battle between the best of the best is on. In Diamond No Ace chapter 223, we will see a lot of passion for the game unfurl. The real battle is the battle of showing each other who’s the boss. We will see Amahisa showing Sedou that he is the same as Sawamura. Previously, we saw Amahisa throwing the fastball at 150kmph. This shocks other players and the coach. Hoshida continues to give his Tokyo representative performance and on the other hand, Sawamura wants to become the 1st baseman.

The players keep changing their game plan to show their mettle. The match between Amahisa and Shirasu will decide who is better. Amahisa as well wants to confuse the batter. He continues delivering at a fast pace. So, in Diamond No Ace Act 2 chapter 223, we will see which player actually emerges to bag the roles of the best batter and baller in the baseball tournament in Japan.

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