T-Mobile Extends its Discount Program to Police, Firefighters and other First Responders

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Wireless carrier, T-Mobile announces its discount plan called Magenta First Responder

T-Mobile had a discount program for military veterans and now it is extending this package to the first responders such as local police, EMS and firefighters. The wireless carrier announced on Monday that it was releasing a discount plan called Magenta First Responder which will give users 50% off family lines.

This plan is the lowest one on the network’s platform for its customers. It is similar to the military plan which was launched more than a year ago. This plan was made to support members of the armed forces as well as their family members.

The plan includes a $100 payment per month covering fees and taxes. This package also includes a Netflix subscription with unlimited data and texting. Users also have an unlimited hotspot that offers 3 gigabytes of data. The single lines cost $55 per month while two lines cost $40 each. Users who have three lines pay only $30 each per month. There are other benefits such as 20GB of hotspot data and high definition streaming. However, this Plus version costs up to $35 for one line and $140 for four.

The Magenta First Responder plan will launch on November 1. All law enforcement agents whether for the state and local police are eligible to use the plan. Also, firefighters, pensioned retirees, emergency response personnel and family members of first responders killed on duty are also eligible for this plan. To enjoy this benefit, first responders must be account holders who also have a valid first responder line. This plan excludes federal employees.

T-Mobile is also offering the agents half price off the latest Samsung mobile devices. Users can get the Note 10 and 10+. Also, the company says that all first responders who run small businesses can use the discount in their businesses. Employees of such businesses can get 50% off for six lines.

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