NCRB reports 3 rapes and 126 vehicles theft per day in Delhi in 2019

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According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Delhi reported at least three rapes and 126 vehicle thefts every day in 2019, when overall crime in the national capital went up to 20% compared to the previous year. During the same period, the national crime rate has grown by 3%.

As per the NCRB data, thefts accounted for most of the crimes in Delhi. Over 28% of the 299,475 crimes in Delhi were thefts such as burglaries, stealing of vehicles, or snatching that do not involve the use of force. The crime in this category saw an increase of 25.7% as compared to 2018. In sharp contrast, thefts accounted for just a little over 20% of the 3.2 million crimes across India where the overall thefts increased by 8%.

NCRB reports 3 rapes and 126 vehicles theft per day in Delhi in 2019

Robberies, however, witnessed a substantial dip of 20% even though the rate remained the highest across India. The rate of robbery cases in Delhi last year was 9.8 as against the all India rate of 2.3 and 6.3 by the next ranked Maharashtra. Robberies are different from thefts. Robberies include the use of force while committing theft and are registered under a separate IPC section.

The NCRB does not maintain separate data sheet crimes, particularly snatching, which is a rising menace in the city. That is because a crime like snatching on the streets is either registered in the first information report (FIR) under the IPC section of theft or a robbery, depending on whether force was used or not.

But the Delhi Police’s data shows that until August 15 this year, there have been nearly 20 incidents of snatching every day in Delhi.

Vehicle theft dip:

Vehicle thefts witnessed a negligible dip of 0.4%. While 46,433 vehicle thefts were reported across Delhi in 2018, last year there were 46,215 such cases.

However compared to the national average, the scene in Delhi remains bleak. The vehicle theft rate in Delhi in 2019 was 231.8 compared; to 17.8 nationally and 12.6 in Uttar Pradesh; the second-ranked state in this category.

24 rapes every week:

Rape cases in 2019 in Delhi rose by 3% compared to the previous year, the NCRB data shows. In 969 cases, children were victims compared to 989 such instances in 2018. Cases registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act dipped marginally from 1,736 to 1,719.

The NCRB data shows that in 98.7% of the 1,253 total rape cases in 2019; the victims and the suspects were known to each other. Of them, 129 were family members, 588 were friends, neighbours or employers; and 520 were cases in which the accused were online friends, estranged partners; or rapes on the pretext of marriage.

Reported cases of molestation fell by 13% to 2,355 last year. Incidents of sexual harassment went down to 456, a 17% decrease compared to 2018. Overall, crimes against women decreased by 6% from 12,521 to 11,755.


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