Nirbhay missile successfully inducted with a seventh trail ahead to defend LAC

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Nirbhay missile is India’s first domestically developed long-range subsonic cruise. The Defence Research and Development Organization did the missile’s designing and development. The missile is 6 m in length and 1,500 kg in weight. It has an operational rage of up to 1,000 km. The major feature of the missile is that the soldiers can launch it from multiple platforms. Nirbhay missile is also able to carry nuclear warheads. Amidst the straining Line of Actual Control Row, the Indian army has deployed cruise missiles to tackle the Chinese army, if needed. Any cruise missile’s deployment process involves various trials to ensure its proper efficiency at the time of use. Nirbhay had been under the tests ad trials and now, after the coming seventh trail, it is finally locked with the Indian soldiers as their weaponry.

India deploys Nirbhay missile
Source: DRDO

The Indian Military is alert and precautionary

Precautions are better than cure, this adage never gets old. This is what the Indian Generals and the soldiers have been apparently chanting as well. They know that the tensions in the border areas do not seem to mellow down. So, they are preparing themselves for the worst case scenario. After various meetings at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Moscow, the People’s Liberation Army has not stopped its passive attacks on Indian soldiers. Keeping that in view, the Indian army deployed Brahmos, Nrbhay, and Akash missiles and also stocked itself for the coming winter in Eastern Ladakh.

The induction of the missiles has the clearance of Defence minister Rajnath Singh and The Defence Acquisition Council. The move came after the military felt that this was the adequate step as a matter of defense and attack. A seventh trial next month will attest to the missile’s effectiveness. Prior to this, the officials also tested 400 km range Brahmos missile. The Brahmos missiles can travel at the speed of 2.8 mach. The trails are going on the coast of Balasore in Odisha.

The coherence of the Nirbhay missile

Nirbhay missile can travel at the speed of 0.7 mach. The missile also has sea-skimming and loitering capability. This gives the army an advantage of rounding up the target and perform maneuvers before engaging it. It can fly from various altitudes ranging from 100 m to 4 km above the ground and low tree level as well. The missile will help the Brahmos missile by aiding in its warhead delivery process. The carrier/launcher of the vehicle is built by Tata Motors Limited. It is highly mobile and all-terrain and all-wheel drive vehicle.

The DRDO has completed six successful trials so far of the Nirbhay missile. The last trail took place on April 15, 2019. The trial met all the DRDO objectives and this is why now, the Indian soldiers will use it in the Ladakh region. The deployment of the missiles in eastern Ladakh will serve better shield and attack. A seventh trail, if needed, will justify all the requirements this missile needs to fulfill, as per the DRDO.

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