The Good Place Season 4 : No More Seasons on Netflix

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The Good Place, a fantasy comedy series with 4 Seasons that reformed life after death for every one of us. The show that won many hearts and its fans were always in the craze for it. Everyone was eagerly waiting for its fifth season to come up but unfortunately, the chances for its renewal are next to non-existence. The creator of one of our favorite shows, Michael Schur, was well known for his way of portrayal of ethics and philosophy appreciably and uniquely in the show.

The Good Place Season 5: Will We Ever See It?

The first season of The Good Place was aired in September 2016 and formed a huge fan base for it. After that, it continued for four amazing seasons. The fourth which was the last season with 14 episodes was aired on NBC in September 2019. With it, the show bid adieu to all their fans. The well- known series was produced by David Hyman, Joe Mande, and Megan Amram.

The Good Place Season 5: What is the reason behind its cancellation?

The Good Place Season 4 was special for everyone after NBC announced that this would be the last season for the show. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that there will be a fifth season for the show. Plus, in the episodes of season four, we all saw the full conclusions for everything and with its last 14 episodes that show wrapped up decently. It was all because of the creative brain of Schur who already plotted the ending of the show since its season two. When you plan things with all the time and not in a hurry, then there are no chances of messing up with things, the same goes here with the show.

Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason’s journey to the afterlife was portrayed in the last season which made the ending complete, beautiful, and memorable for every one of us.

The Good Place season 5: Are there any chances of its return?

We all are well aware that Good Place is an unforgettable show; our longing for it can never end. But, we don’t know if there would be a comeback or not, though the recent news is signaling more towards a no. If the show ever returns with a season five, then we can expect it to discover the plot-holes or loopholes of the season four.

If you have not watched the show till now, then do it, all of the seasons are available on Netflix. The Good Place gave us the amazing message that even after we exit the real world, our existence never fades away.

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