Pokemon 2019 Episode 40: Preview, release date among other crucial info

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 40 details are below. Keep reading.

Pokemon 2019 is an anime adaptation of Pokemon Monsters or Pokemon The Series which originally aired in 1997. It is a reboot like no other. The series is an adventure, comedy, and fantasy TV show which people of all generations absolutely admire. The show follows along with the adventures and chronicles of Ash Ketchum. He is the protagonist of the story who along with his friend Ash’s Pikachu dives into some wonderlands that nobody knows anything of. The show has its franchise dating back to decades, which makes it a part of the longest-running animated series behind the Simpsons, Arthur, and South Park. Pokemon 2019 is a whole different world that describes all the subplots in the original anime a little better.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 40
Source: IGN

What has already happened in Pokemon 2019?

In the previous episodes, we saw Satoshi going to find Saito to challenge him yet again. Later on, we come to know that Satoshi wants to contend in the Pokemon World Championship. There, he wants to use his Super Class place advantage and this will also serve him revenge. In the battle between Satoshi and Saito, Satoshi decides to use Pika and Riolu. On the other hand, Saito uses Capoeirer and Gyro Ball.

However, the fight between both the pokemon is so intense that they cancel each other’s strongest battles. Then giving the low blow, Saito unleashes Otosupus who squeezes Pika. This puts Pika to sleep inside the Otosupus trap. This also drew the match because then, Riolu puts Otosupus to sleep.

The release date information of Pokemon 2019 Episode 40?

Pokemon 2019 Episode 40 will release on Friday, October 9, 2020, at 6:55 AM JST. Earlier the new episodes used to release new episodes on Sunday. However, this episode will release on Friday. You can check out the preview video here below:

Pokemon 2019 Episode 40 plot

In Pokemon 2019 Episode 40, Satoshi will help in the training of Riolu. Riolu will attack with a wave Vacuum which will free Pikachu. Riolu and Pika are still not getting toter, but Satoshi makes them stand together. Goh will show up as well to tell Satoshi to go meet Johto. Though we think Satoshi gets his rematch, how he will fight his opponents will play a huge role in his future endeavors like the Championship. In the preview, we saw that strong biological energy is detected. So, a rare Pokemon will appear. It will change the face of their new adventures. You will see ‘A Legendary Raid Battle’.

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