Know All About The Upcoming Horror Survival Game “Resident Evil Village”.

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After teasing gamers for a long time about the upcoming horror survival game “Resident Evil Village”, developers have finally unveiled the video of the game. The highly-anticipated game has a whole new look, new details, and gameplay.

Capcom is the developer and publisher of the game. Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano are the producers of the game. The game will be the tenth installment in the “Resident Evil” series. The game will be the sequel to “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”.

Release date of “Resident Evil Village”

The game’s announcement came at the Playstation 5 reveal event in June 2020. It is set to hit shelves somewhere around 2021. The exact official date of release is yet to be announced. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The Plot of the Game

The game takes place a few years down the lane, after the events of “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”. The story sees Ethan’s world comes crashing down once again when Chris Redfield, an unexpected yet familiar face makes an appearance. This sets off a chain of events that sees a distraught Ethan seeking answers to Chris’s shocking actions. Ethan ultimately finds himself in a mysterious village. The events will take place in Europe. The game is developed on the RE engines and will take place in the first-person perspective.

Gameplay and Developer’s Insight

Developers of the game during the unveiling of the game revealed that the game will have more focus on the exploration than its previous part.

Director Morimasa Sato said that when you hear the word village it seems like a mall place but when you look at the village it has a huge, distant feel to it. The players will get a lot of freedom in the village. The players will get to experiment and figure out what is right for them. A storybook is put in the game as it is hard to summarize the variety of the game.

The announcement trailer showed a number of threads similar to the seventh installment of the game. The story moves away from the Raccoon City events and characters. The setting will remind you of “Resident Evil 4”. The setting shows a mysterious and seemingly medieval and isolated village. But the events take place in the present day. The trailer also reveals that the new game will continue to have a first-person perspective which is similar to its predecessors. Check out the announcement trailer for the game here.

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