Google Will Ban The Election Ads From November 3rd!

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US is running fast towards its presidential election. Every other person either celebrities, businessman or political leaders are motivating to vote. Some are going to vote for blue and some are going vote for red. It’s the public choice. However, to attract the voters and to motivate them, there are ongoing campaigns and the election ads on every platform. Ads on the platforms are for the respective political parties and it is also to guide the viewers to the right way, to help them learn the importance of the right to vote. Google, Facebook, youtube, etc every other apps have this election ad.

However, some are taking the decision to ban the ads just after the poll. Yeah, they are planning to ban any ad-related to the election be banned from November 3rd.

Google Is Also Banning The Ads Related To Election After November 3rd

Google Bans US Election Ads After 3rd November
Google Ads

After November 3rd, Google is banning any ad-related to the election. Yeah, they are doing this to protect the spread of any wrong information about the vote. And the changes are made due to the large numbers of voters. As this year the winner is not going to be announced on the night of the election. Due to many voters, the counting of the vote is going to take some time. This is happening because due to the pandemic the eligible voters are going to vote through the mail. So numbers of voters is going to increase from the previous time.

So to stop these ads from giving the political campaign of respective political parties leader a chance to create a misinformation claiming a false victory and creating the confusion. So Google new policy will block ads related to the election or its result. It will apply to the Google ad serving platform. Yeah, after November 3rd, till the date and time of the result Google Ads and Youtube will not show any ads related to the election and its result.

Everything To Know About The US Election

The US presidential election is all set to happen on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. It will be the 59th presidential election. The series of presidential primary elections and caucuses were held from February 2020 to August 2020. On November 3rd voters of the United States will select the presidential electors who will vote on December 14 to elect a president and a vice president. On November 3rd the United States of America will Mark a new day.

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