Virgin Hyperloop and BIAL sign an agreement to conduct feasibility research

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Harsirat Kaur
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Virgin Hyperloop, a SpaceX initiative aims at revolutionizing the transport like never before. This is a step that Elon Musk took not only in the United States but all across the world, including India. The project came to India a few years back and since last year, the progress is amazing. However, due to various restrictions like the pandemic and the trials, the delay is getting longer as well. So, to test the feasibility of this fast-paced semi-air semi-rail transport system, Virgin Hyperloop signed a memorandum of association with Bangalore International Airport Limited. This association will ensure a trial from Kempegowda to Bengaluru city.

Virgin Hyperloop signed a MoU with BIAL
Sultan bin Sulayem–Source:

Memorandum of Association signed between Virgin Hyperloop and BIAL

On Sunday, September 27, 2020, the company signed an agreement with the International Airport to conduct a feasibility study. This study will bring about the results of technical, economic, and route plausibility. The official statement read, “The pre-feasibility study, which focuses on technical, economical, and route feasibility. It is expected to be completed in two phases of six months each. With a speed of 1,080 kmph, the hyperloop can transport passengers per hour from Bengaluru Airport to the city center in under 10 minutes, according to a preliminary analysis.”

They agreed mutually virtually and the people present were, Sultan bin Sulayem, Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop and DP World, and T.M. Bhaskar, Chief Secretary of Karnataka. The witness present who prevailed was Kapil Mohan, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department. This association will not only research the success of the trial but also if implemented, will complement the state’s growth. The chain system in Virgin Hyperloop promises to ease the transportation of passengers and freight.

Virgin Hyperloop signed a MoU with BIAL
Hyperloop’s interior–Source: Motor Authority

Official statements

Sultan bin Sulayem, Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop and Group Chairman and CEO of DP World expressed his excitement. He said, “We are honored to partner with Bangalore International Airport Limited to explore ways in which hyperloop can become a part of the solution to tackle congestion and support economic growth in Bengaluru.”

TM Vijay Bhaskar, Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka and Chairman of the Board of Directors, BIAL also spoke on the agreement. He said, “Karnataka has implemented several measures to improve the transport infrastructure of the State. The commissioning of a feasibility study for hyperloop connectivity from Bengaluru Airport is another major step towards building the infrastructure required to define mobility for the future.”

Bengaluru Airport further announced that it will have metro connectivity in four years. The sealed system of pod traveling expects to reach very high speeds with no air resistance. The project will also shape the 21st-century passenger experience.

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