Oxford Vaccine Is Administered To 3 By PGI!

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Vaccine for the COVID 19 is one of the main concerns for the whole world. Every other country is trying to make a successful vaccine for the COVID. Yeah, all the scientists, researcher, and the microbiologist is trying to develop an effective vaccine. There are a total of 128 vaccines of COVID are in development by the different countries. However, everyone has set their eyes on the development of the Oxford vaccine. Yeah, every country is following every step of this vaccine.

Everything To Know About The Development Of The Oxford Vaccine

Oxford Vaccine

Since the ending of the last year and since March of 2020 every country is seeing the wrath of the coronavirus. There were so many deaths and so many people suffering. Whole world is desperate for the solution of this pandemic. So, they all are trying to make the most effective vaccine. In overall 128 vaccines, the Oxford vaccine is showing promising development. Its trial had reached the phase 3. And if everything will be as expected, we will get the vaccine by the starting of the next year, which will definitely a breath of relief for the people.

Development Of The Vaccine In India

Covid Vaccine
Oxford Vaccine

India is also suffering from the pandemic at it’s worst. And the doctors and researcher are trying their best to find the solution. India is also is in the race of developing an effective vaccine like other countries. In fact, it has also started the trial of the Oxford vaccine. However, everyone hope was tested when recently the trial of the vaccine was stopped due to some technicality. But it was restored to its speed when everything had seemed right.

In fact, on Wednesday 10 people who fitted the eligibility criteria we’re recruited with the doses of the vaccine covidsheild. And on Friday, three of the recruitment had given the dose of the vaccine by the PGI. There is going to be monitoring for 28 days of the volunteers and PGI will remain at constant touch with them. After 28 days a 0.5 mm of vaccine will administer again and their blood sample will be monitored.

The PGI had approved by ICMR as a site for conducting phase two and the phase three trials of the Oxford vaccine. It is developing with association with the AstraZeneca. In India, the vaccine is going to market by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India. And they are developing the doses on mass production for the whole world. So let’s hope they succeed and we get the vaccine as soon as possible.


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