Anil Ambani tells the UK Court that he leads a simple, “very disciplined” lifestyle

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Anil Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Infrastructure. He is the leader of various corporations like Reliance Capital, Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Power, and Reliance Communications. Recently, he told a UK Court that his tastes are simple and he does not indulge in any lavish lifestyle. Apparently, Anil Ambani signed an agreement with three Chinese banks worth more than $717 million. These banks are Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. Mumbai Branch, China Development Bank, and Exim Bank of China. In May 2020, the same UK Court asked Ambani to pay up the due amount. However, now again, the court asked him to give a detailed analysis of his assets worth exceeding $100,000.

Anil Ambani tells the UK Court that he leads a very disciplined lifestyle
Source: The Economic Times

“My lifestyle is very disciplined”, says Anil Ambani

In response to the plea of the court, Anil Ambani stated that his “needs are not vast and lifestyle is very disciplined.” The 61-year-old former billionaire gave his statement via video link from Mumbai before the UK High Court. When the court further questioned him about his cars and other lavish indulgences, the Reliance Infrastructure chairman said that these all are mere media stories. A spokesperson said on his behalf, “Mr. Ambani has always been a simple man of simple tastes, contrary to exaggerated perceptions of his flamboyance and lavish lifestyle.”

The spokesperson further added that his lifestyle is more inside than outside. Anil Ambani is “spiritual”, devoted towards his family, vegetarian, teetotaller, and a non-smoker, as per the spokesperson. Further adding to the simplicity of his life, Anil Ambani came out to be a man who rather spends time with his kids than go out into the town. “All other reports are completely misleading”, added the spokesperson.

Anil Ambani tells the UK Court that he leads a very disciplined lifestyle
Source: Bloomberg Quint

Timeline of the loan default

Anil Ambani has a pending loan dating back to February 2012, in which he owes USD 925 million. However, Anil Ambani has denied having any jurisdiction of the koan. A spokesperson defended this statement in My 2020 saying, “We want to emphasize that it is not a personal loan of Mr. Ambani. ICBC made their claim based on an alleged guarantee that Mr. Ambani never signed and he has consistently denied having authorized anyone to execute any guarantee.”

Speaking to further questioning of the High Court of England and Wales in London, the banks whom he is liable to said that they want the court to do the cross-examination. Earlier, Anil Ambani said that his net worth is zero and his family will not come to his rescue. However, the Court did not accept the statement.

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