Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s Steps Out Of The Show Into Limelight St UN Council

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Japan’s new leader Yoshihide Suga has spent a very portion of his career in the shadows. He supported the previous leader with backroom bureaucratic maneuvers. All of this changed on Saturday morning. For the very first time, Yoshihide Suga made his public debut via a prerecorded video at United Nations General Assembly. Much as he’s done domestically in the week and a half that he’s been prime minister, Suga is eager to emphasize that he’ll continue the foreign policy efforts Abe championed in his nearly eight-year rule, the longest of any Japanese prime minister.

What All Yoshihide Suga Said In The Prerecorded Video?

The wariness in Suga’s approach is largely due to his lack of experience at the world stage. because his ex-job as chief cabinet secretary required him to manage disasters and other crises at home. And some may also connect this to his temperament. “He is not a visionary,” according to Jeff Kingston, director of Asian studies at Temple University Japan. He is “a capable lieutenant who will follow Abe’s foreign policy.”
Kingston further added, “because of the constraints on travel and face-to-face contact caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Suga also won’t be able to pursue the personal diplomacy that Abe favored and will muddle along rather than breaking any new ground”.
Yoshihide Suga also says that he was involved behind many big foreign policies. And also, in building friendly relationships with foreign leaders. Apart from this Suga is also looking after several postwar diplomatic goals. This includes resolving the issue of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea, with which Japan still has no diplomatic ties. And just like Abe, Japan will also strengthen its tie with The United States of America.

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Yoshihide also praised Abe for maintaining such friendly relations with President Donald Trump. This he fears, he might not be good at. In recent comments published in Bungei Shunju magazine, Suga said he was the one who insisted on establishing ties with the Trump side. Even then when nobody was seriously expecting a Trump victory.

What More?

The coronavirus pandemic will be a major concern. So far, Japan has managed the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Despite the fact that there was no national lockdown, as observed in many countries. Experts say the widely accepted use of face masks and regular handwashing and sanitizing might have helped. The government is now looking forward to boosting the economy by losing restrictions on tourism and public events. Apart from this Suga has long worked on issues related to North Korea, as well as the contentious issue of U.S. military bases on Okinawa.
“What’s important,” Suga said, “is an eye that can see the big picture.”

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