It is Impossible That The Casualties Because Of Corona Virus Can Double Before A Cure. 

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  • Research on the COVID vaccine is going around the world. With Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, and India in the advanced stages of human trials.
  • WHO’s Mike Ryan warned that without the united International action the condition can further deteriorate.
  • Around 3.23 crore people have been infected by the Covid-19 virus in the nine months of the outbreak. 
Back in January 2020, the world cane to know about the spread of a virus in Hubei’s Province of Wuhan China. The virus came to be known as the novel corona virus. By the end of January, it was reported that the outbreak is now an epidemic. The world was on alert. But it was only by the end of February when all the nations came to alert. By then epidemic upgraded to a pandemic. And now it seems like there is no end for it.
People around the globe witnessed how the most powerful and advanced nations came down on knees. Ironically, the US reported the highest number of activities as well as death cases. Even after all this advanced technology, it is quite evident that almost invisible organisms defeated humans.

WHO Warns Against The Worsening Condition Of Corona Virus

It seems like time is slipping like sand and Winter is fast approaching. Very soon the streets will be lighted up for Christmas. Or maybe not. Winter means that the present conditions of the coronavirus further deteriorates. Notwithstanding the fact that already around 3.23 crore people have been infected by the Covid-19 virus.
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World Health Organization has no claimed that by the time we find a cure the death rate will be doubled. As of reports, around 10 lakh lives have been claimed by the virus so far. And according to the prediction within the next 6 months, the death rate will be doubled.
The trials for a vaccine are going on across the world, with Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, and India conducting human trials of the potential cure. However, all of them are yet to get a breakthrough in this regard. And the apprehension whether the vaccine will be available for all still makes one jittery.

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Mike Ryan (WHO’s emergency head) said that the current number can rise without United efforts. When asked about the doubling of death rates within the next 6 months, Ryan said, “It’s not impossible.”
The friendly nation US and India are the top 2 worst hit nation by the wave of coronavirus. Followed by Brazil, Russia, and Colombia. As far as the deaths are concerned, the US leads the chart even there with more than 2 lakh deaths, followed by Brazil (over 1.4 lakh), India, and Mexico.

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