Reform and Introspection is needed at the United Nations: PM Modi says in his address at 75th UNGA

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Reform and introspection is such a mandatory value that every individual, company, nation, should do. This accounts for the changing times. The reforms bring about a new face of the entity. This is what PM Modi highlighted in his address at the 75th UNGA. This year’s United Nations General Assembly took place in a virtual mode, where the speakers pre-recorded their statement and then, was telecasted at the UNGA Hall in New York. PM Narendra Modi’s address not only highlighted national priorities but also brought forth into attention what needs changes need to happen in the UNGA.

PM Modi asked for the UN to bring about reform

Modi started his address with the fact that with passing times, change becomes inevitable. He spoke about how nations are progressing and changing and bringing about modernization. However, the body which is doing so well all around the world fails to keep up with it. He said, “If we check the last 75 years of the UN, we experienced various achievements. However, on the other hand, there are certain examples that put forth the need for reform and introspection in front of the UN.”

His address stated that the international community of the United Nations is the same since 1945, which is quite a long time. This does not keep up with the ever-altering times and generations. “Today’s challenges and opportunities are ultra-varied than the past and to account for that, change becomes mandatory”, says PM Modi. His regard for the United Nations and its bodies is humongous and revered and thus, this suggestion is what most of the Indians feel is right. PM Narendra Modi wants the reform of the UN to be in such a way so that India becomes an important party in the decision-making structure.

PM Modi says reform is the need of the hour at UNGA
Source: UN News

His address highlighted the qualities of peace, security, and prosperity

Apart from bringing forth the issue of reform, he also brought into notice the status of India at the UNGA. From 2021, India will become a non-permanent member. This, however, doe not give India any excuse not to stand with the human values. He said, “India will not hesitate to raise our voice against the enemies of humanity, and the human race.”

He also pointed out that in the post-pandemic India, the nation will reform itself as well. The nation will move towards a self-sufficient vision. The “aatma nirbhar Bharat” will see a rise in women leaders, the financial sector, equality between all, and better health and sanitation. Modi also promised that India commits to multilateralism, and philosophy and “threat the whole world as one family.”

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