Kim Jong-un Took Forth A Rare Step Of Publicly Apologizing To South Korea

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In one of the rates events, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un issued a public apology. Kim addressed Sout Korea’s leader Moon Jae-in saying that the “disgraceful” event must have never happened. South Korea reported that the man’s body was found by the troop in North’s waters. Seoul also stated that the man was shot dead. Later his body was set on fire. Though no one knows what the man was doing there. For decades the killing of North Koreans by the South has caused outrage. Additionally, there is a “shoot-to-kill” policy between the two Koreas.

What All Kim Jong-un Said In Apology?

The personal apology came in the form of a letter to South Korea’s leader. In the letter, Kim acknowledged that the even was an unfortunate one and should not have happened. Mr. Kim called it a “disgraceful affair” and said he felt “very sorry” for “disappointing” Mr. Moon and the South Korean people, the Blue House said. It is the North’s first official comment on the incident.
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Suh Hoon, S.Korea’s director of national security said, “more than 10 shots were fired at the man, who had entered North Korean waters and then failed to reveal his identity and tried to flee”. However, North said that they did not burn the body rather than the material carrying him. Mr. Suh said during a press briefing, “The troops could not locate the unidentified trespasser during a search after firing the shots, and burned the device under national emergency disease prevention measures”.
The presidential office of Seoul decided to publicly release the official letter. In them, Kim Jong-un said he understood “more than anyone the kind of pressure and hardship” required to overcome the pandemic and damage from recent typhoons. It was the “heartfelt truth” that he shared the “pain and suffering of the Southern people”, he said.

What Happened?

The man was the father of two and had been recently divorced. He was going through a financial crisis. He worked for the fisheries department and was on his patrol boat. The S.Korean defense ministry said that he was 6 miles from the border with the North, near the island of Yeonpyeong. There he disappeared on Monday. He had left his shoes in the boat.
They put gas masks on and questioned him from a distance before “orders from [a] superior authority” came in that the man be killed, South Korea said. He was shot dead in the water. South Korea says North Korean troops then burned the corpse at sea.

How South Korea Reacted To Kim Jong-un’s Apology?

President Moon Jae-in called the incident to be very “shocking”. And stated that it could not be tolerated. He urged the North to take responsibility for the action. The country’s National Security Council said the North could “not justify shooting and burning the corpse of our unarmed citizen who showed no sign of resistance”.

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