“Widespread Consensus On The Arrangement For Reform” China Regarding The G4 Reforms

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In NutshellThe G4 group comprising India, Japan, Germany, and Brazil expressed their concern over the absence of any “meaningful” forward movement on long-pending reforms of UNSC and demanded urgency on the matter. 
On Thursday, China stated that there were “enormous divisions” and a lack of assent in taking forth the stalled reforms of the UNSC. This statement came a day after the G4 group asked for text-based negotiations regarding the matter. The foreign ministers of the four countries met virtually. During the meeting, they express their frustration at the repeated attempts to stall the reform process.
S. Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs talked about the meeting in a press briefing. He said during the meeting members asked for a “decisive push” in the matter. Additionally, the G4 group is unanimous regarding the text-based negotiation.

What Did The UN Said Regarding The Demands?

Regarding the G4 ministers call for Reform, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said:
 “We believe the reform of the Security Council is an important issue which concerns the long-term development and all the immediate interests of its members”.
He further added, “There have been enormous divisions on this issue, and there lacks a widespread consensus on the arrangement for reform. China is willing to work with other UN members to seek a package solution that can accommodate all parties’ interests and concerns through dialogue and negotiation”.
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Mr. Wang also said that the Security Council was “core of the international collective security mechanism.”
A joint statement by the G4 members talked about the urgency of reforms. Along with it an upgrade in its main decision making bodies. The statement said, “G4 Ministers expressed disappointment at attempts to derail this process and committed to addressing the issue in a meaningful way and with increased urgency at this 75th anniversary of the UN.”
Indian from next year will begin its two-year term as an elected non-permanent member of the powerful Security Council.

China Being Dismissive Of G4

For quite a long time, analysts from China have been dismissive of G4. In the past, China has indicated that it will not favor inclusion with at least three of its members. These 3 members include India, Japan, and Germany. Wang Wenbin, on Thursday, said that China’s long-held stance that the reform process can not go ahead rapidly will not change.
Wang Wenbin said, ” We believe the reform of the Security Council is an important issue. It concerns the long-term development and all the immediate interest of its members”. He further goes on saying, “China is willing to work with the UN to see a package solution that includes interests and concerns of all the parties”.

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