WhatsApp Leaks Is Clarified By The Spokeperson!

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Apps are prevailing these days like nothing else. Yeah, people are depending on various apps in their life. In fact, nowadays education also depends on the various apps. So there security and privacy measures had necessary looked after. And there is always proper security measures for every apps. But recently, one of the major app is in question. Yeah, WhatsApp leaks is one of the concerning matter for the country.

However, there is a proper policy for messages and chat conversations in WhatsApp. They are end to end encrypted. There is no chance of a leak there according to the WhatsApp. But people are still worried about their privacy on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Leaks And Everything To Know About It

WhatsApp leaks
WhatsApp leaks

Currently, the topic of the WhatsApp leaks is the headline in India. Many people in India are worried about their privacy on the app. Because recently the chats of the actors are released. Yeah, in recent days during the NCB probe in drug cases, chats of actors were leaked from the year 2017 and 2019. And they are being summoned by the NCB for the drug chats. However, drugs are the other matter, it raises the question of Whatsapp leak. Because if their chats can leaks, anyone can. So people of the country want certain clarification from the Whatsapp. And even an assurance for its privacy policy.

WhatsApp Clarification About The Alleged Leak

In its clarifications, Whatsapp said on Friday that the message sent on the platform are end to end encrypted. And only the recipient of the message can read the message. Its spokesperson said in the statement that Whatsapp protects your messages with end to end encryption so the only person you are communicating with can read what you sent. And nobody in between can read it not even Whatsapp.

He also said that people sign-on Whatsapp using phone numbers and the Facebook-based company does not have access to the message base contents. He also clarified the policies of the Whatsapp on the moment stating that the Whatsapp follows guidance provided by the operating system manufacturers for on-device storage. And they encourage all the people to take advantage of all the security features had provided by the operating system. They should use features like strong passwords and Biometric IDs to prevent third parties from accessing the content stored on the device.

And as you all can see, Whatsapp had clarified that the leaked chat has nothing to do with its security policy. And it’s safe with its policy. Either way, if there will be other issues we will update you immediately so keep reading.

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