“It makes me think about that age-old saying ‘money talks’,” Says The Activist Criticizing Facebook

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This year seems like everyone and everything is on target. Facebook right from the starting of 2020 has been on target of common. One of the major being the escalation of false climate news on the platform. Apart from that due to some political reasons also Mark Zuckerberg was targeted. And once again, protesters have targeted Facebook for its unjustifiable actions. Here is what happened.

Facebook On the Radar Of Indigenous Activists

On September 19, Facebook suspended the accounts of more than 200 people. Reportedly, they all were linked to the even protesting the construction of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. This temporary suspension clearly shows how vulnerable are the protestors. Especially in this period of the pandemic when outdoor protests are quite risky.
If built according to activists, the pipeline would cut Wet’suwet’ en Nation’s territory. Now this block from Facebook has cleared early cut off the options for activists to come together. And now Wet’suwet’en activists are rethinking how they can come together. This step of Facebook has bought a sort of tension amongst the activists. Now they fear that they will be surveilled by the platform.
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Back in May, Wet’suwet’ en, Greenpeace, and other indigenous groups came together for a Facebook event. The goal was to bombard the pipeline construction funder’s company, KKR & Co Inc, with e-mails and calls. Almost a similar event was planned to be organized on September 21. But before they could act, they all received a notification about the suspension of their accounts.
Lindsey Allen, chief program officer at Green Peace said, ” Facebook can silence much of the climate movement at their discretion, without explanation for any duration”. She further said, “that’s unnerving”. One can also recall how in past years scientists, lawyers, and various activists have criticized the platform.

What Did Mark Zuckerberg Said In Defense?

But when asked regarding this, Facebook denied any such target suspension. Facebook said, ” Our system mistakenly removed these accounts and their content. They have been since restored and we have lifted any limitation on the identified accounts”. Though it didn’t confirm how many accounts were temporarily blocked.
But activists are not buying the explanation provided by Facebook. One of the people whose accounts were frozen said, ” I think that is weak backpedal, saying it was a mistake”. The person further added, “It seems so blatant to me, just really a corporate move. It makes me think about that age-old saying ‘money talks'”.
But Greenpeace is still forcing the platform for a more appropriate explanation. Allen says, “We still want answers from Facebook because they have not been able to demonstrate that they are not a part of this pattern of silencing dissent…”

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