US President Donald Trump booed by the public when he paid his homage to the dead US Judge

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US President Donald Trump is at people’s radar right now more than ever. People who are not his fans never spare any moment to let him know that he is not desired. When the most influential and unbiased judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, everyone felt the pang of loss. People are voicing their sadness on their social media handles, from common man to the celebrities. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the one who took the women in law to a whole new level, she worked hard for non-binary people and Civil Liberties. When US President Donald Trump went to the Supreme Court to pay his homage, he met with boos of all sorts.

US President Donald Trump booed by the audience
Source: 570 News

People said “vote him out” to the US President Donald Trump

If you don’t know, US Presidential elections are coming soon in November and the chant which people constructed was based on that. there has been a constant depiction of the fact that people do not want him to hold office once again. So, when he went to the Supreme Court, he heard the boos that people showed his distaste towards him with. A footage emerged online in which the boos are evident. Trump had the First Lady, Melania Trump by his side when he paid his respect to the flag-draped coffin of the late Supreme Court Judge.

The crowd was enthusiastic and came to honor the late Judge but when they saw US President Donald Trump approaching the coffin, they went into prance and started chanting “vote him out.” Basically, this says that people want others to not vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. They also stressed the fact that he should “honor her last wish”, which they said was to not let Trump hold office again. Donald Trump stood on the marble court docket next to her casket when people sneered at him.

US President Donald Trump booed by the audience
via The new York Times

Angst due to the detest

It is globally evident that most of the US citizens publicly claim to not like the current US President Donald Trump. That met with constant boos and chants against him give us more evidence. People do not like him because of his policies and the way the nation’s trends and graphs turned during his reign. The citizens constantly compare with the former US president Barack Obama whom the public loved dearly. In the footage below, you can see the US President Donald Trump standing way close to the opposition crowd, along with Melania Trump.

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