Pocket 10 Dollars Voucher To Play Rocket League For Free, Says Epic

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One of the best games of the last decade, Rocket League is now free to play. It has officially gone free-to-play on all platforms including PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Epic Games is eager to let its gamers play the rocket-powered-car-football-chaos on PC and Mac. The game went free on 23rd September 2020. And what’s even more exciting is that Epic will give you a 10 dollars worth voucher to spend in the Epic Games Store if you redeem the free game there. The gamers can nab the deal until 23rd October 2020 at 11 AM ET. The coupon will expire on 1st November 2020 at 3 PM ET.

The 10 dollars voucher can be spent on anything that is worth more than 14.99 dollars. Almost anything! Though you cannot put the voucher toward a pre-order or special in-game currency, such as Fortnite’s V-bucks. Still, there is plenty of software to choose from in the Epic Games Store where you will want to use the voucher.

The best part of the promotion is that gamers don’t have to download or play the Rocket League. As long as you click the ‘get’ button on the Epic Games Store, which will merely add the game to your library, you will be eligible for the deal.

Why Epic Games is hosting the promotion to play the Rocket League for free?

The company has not revealed the reason behind doing this promotion. But it is likely trying to pull PC gamers away from Steam, convincing them to switch to the Epic Games Store instead. The Rocket League game has now been delisted from Steam, but gamers can still play their copy on Steam. And that version will still receive full support for future updates and features, such as the cross-platform play.

This is not the first time Epic Games has tried to motivate gamers to use its platform to play PC games. Epic Games also gives away at least one free game every week to its users. One of the biggest giveaways was a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V, and the rush to claim it caused an outage on the site that lasted for hours.

The company also hosts timed-exclusive deals for some PC games. It launches them on the Epic Games Store first, such as Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds. The Outer Worlds is yet to be released on Valve’s digital storefront. The game is still listed as coming in the year 2020.

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