Indian Youth Congress was water cannoned by the Haryana Police so that they discontinue their tractor rally

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Harsirat Kaur
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Indian Youth Congress and its president Srinivas B V are opposing the new Farm Bill passed in 2020. They do not stand by it and thus, are protesting to convey their detest towards the government’s decision. We have seen farmers protesting in various parts of the country. The youngsters, the new generation involved in agriculture is way more vigorous than the senile farmers. Thus, their stand against the BJP and its decision encourage strong actions against them. Haryana Police used water cannons to stop them from pursuing their “tractor rally” towards Delhi.

Indian youth Congress water cannoned by haryana Police
Haryana Police use water cannons to disperse the Youth Congress workers accompanied with farmers after stopping forcefully , farmers going to delhi during a protest rally against the new Agri-Ordinance at Punjab Haryana Border near Ambala on Sunday, September 20,2020 . Express video by Jasbir Malhi

Indian Youth Congress vs the Center

On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, the Indian Youth Congress took a stance against the new farm reform bills and came together to oppose it. The president of the organization also participated in the tractor rally marching towards Delhi. Therefore, Haryana Police had to stop them from continuing their motives by using water, a resource that is in scarcity in Punjab and Haryana. Along with that, the police also took many youth workers into custody to prevent them from outraging the others.

The rally, according to the Indian youth Congress, had farmers’ support. They were proceeding towards Delhi from Panipat, where they wanted to surround the Parliament so that they talk to the officials face to face. The “anti-farmer bills” instigated strong adverse emotions out of the farmers’ families and the rally was one such result. The route the rally had taken was national highway-44 in Smalkha of Panipat District. The police explained their water attack by saying that they had to stop them after they ignored their retreat ad jumped over the barricade. This dispersal using water was mandatory, as per Haryana Police.

Indian Youth Congress water cannoned by haryana Police to stop their rally
Source: The Week

Statements of the officials

The officials also reported their views on the entire rally march. The DSP, Satish Kumar said, “They did not have permission to move to Delhi. Restrictions are in place due to coronavirus pandemic, that is why they were stopped.” The Deputy Superintendent of Police further added that they took into custody Haryana Congress MLA from Samlkha, Dharam Singh Chhoker, Israna MLA Balbir Balmiki, Indian Youth Congress president Srinivas B V and state Youth Congress chief Sachin Kundu. Along with that, several other workers were detained too. However, custody is only preventive and the police will release them after some time.

On “Kisan Aakrosh tractor rally”, Chhoker said, “They cannot suppress the voice of farmers by using force. We will continue to raise the voice of farmers.”The Indian Youth Congress president blatantly called out the BJP saying, “this is how Modi and Khattar governments treat those who stand with farmers’ rights.” All of the protesters are in the opinion that the new bills will worsen the farmers’ situations and make them the slaves of corporates.

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