Stream Xbox Games To iPhone, Apple To Change App store Rules.

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Apple will be changing its App Store rules to allow game streaming services. This will let people play video games on the internet in a way that is similar to how they stream movies on Netflix. Soon we will be able to stream Xbox games to the iPhone. The move is in sync with the iPhone maker’s acknowledgment of the changing ways some people are playing video games.

Apple stated that the new rules will allow applications to connect to game streaming services such as Sony’s PlayStation Now, Microsoft’s Xbox xCloud, Google’s Stadia, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

How is Apple planning to Stream Xbox Games to the iPhone?

Apple changes App Store rules to allow streaming game services, Xbox says not enough - CNET
Credit – cnet

Apple will not simply let the game companies publish an application as movie and TV companies do. Instead, game streaming firms will have to submit an application for each individual game on their service. Apple will then review it just like any of the other programs in the App Store.

This will result in people who want to use a game streaming service to find its associated games on Apple’s App Store. There will be reviews and ratings like every other app. When they open the game’s app, it will connect to the streaming service and let them begin playing. This will also mean that if a subscription service offers hundreds of games, each one will need a separate application that will connect to that service.

Apple has said in its new guidelines that games that will be offered in a streaming game service subscription must be downloaded directly from the App Store. The design should be to avoid duplicate payments by a subscriber and should not be a disadvantage to non-subscriber customers.

This step is in accordance with the latest way people are rapidly shifting the way they interact with entertainment. A few years ago, game subscriptions were a small part of the industry, offered by a few companies. But as back catalogs have grown, game makers say they have realized an opportunity to help people access older games in new ways. This includes subscriptions, game streaming, or a combination of both.

What does this new move mean for Apple?

The move also emphasizes and strengthens Apple’s power in the game industry. Though the iPhone and iPad are not the typical traditional video game consoles, more than 1 billion people across 175 countries use these devices for gaming. And gaming is one of the most popular things people across the world do on these devices. This makes Apple’s devices, as well as ones powered by Google’s Android software, an appealing and lucrative opportunity for console makers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Apple’s new rules will come into effect just before the company is expected to release iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 software for its iPhones and iPads. The iPhone maker is also expected to announce a new set of iPhones sometime in the coming days. It will feature a new design and promises superfast 5G wireless speeds.

Apple’s new rules will mean that the company is effectively reversing its earlier stance. Its earlier stand was against allowing game streaming services on iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines previously did not allow game streaming services. In August this year, the company said in a statement that it has concerns over reviewing each individual game on a given game service. But now, the company’s changes make that possible.There Is no Relaxing The Mind about this.

Microsoft in a statement has disagreed with Apple’s approach. A spokesperson for Microsoft said that this will be a bad experience for customers. Gamers always want to jump directly into a game from their curated catalog from just one application. Just like they do with movies or songs, and they do not want forcefully download over 100 applications to play individual games from the cloud. Companies should be putting gamers at the center of everything they do. Providing a great experience to the users is core to that mission.

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