Reprisal Season 2: All The Details!

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Season 2 of Reprisal is arriving on Hulu. What would we expect from Reprisal Season 2? What new changes are there? Here’s what we know about the Reprisal Season 2 cast, release date, and storyline.

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Release Date

The production pilot order was put by Hulu in June 2018. Josh Corbin, who is also the executive producer of the show, is writing this version. Hulu released a series order in February 2019 and reissued the production of season 1 on Hul on December 6, 2019. Both 10 episodes arrived on the web on a single date. With respect to the second season, Hulu is yet to make an official statement. We may, however, predict Season 2’s premiere to premiere in December 2020.


  • Abigail Spencer as Katherine Harlow / Doris Quinn
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Joel Kelly
  • Mena Massoud as Ethan Hart,
  • Madison Davenport as Meredith Harlow
  • David Dastmalchian as Johnson
  • Rhys Wakefield as Matty
  • Craig Tate as Earl
  • Wavyy Jonez as Cordell
  • Shane Callahan as Bru
  • Rory Cochrane as Burt


A drama series that airs on Hulu is Reprisal. It was directed by Jonathan Van Tulken, written in Willington, North Carolina, and filmed by Josh Corbin. The series follows her army being created by a femme fatale to land the men who did her wrong. The city was seized by Catherine’s brother and his gang, corrupting it to its core. They want to think this is the right time for them to exist.

They are strong and untouchable, removing in their way any challenge. So, what happens when her path is crossed by Catherine? They bound him to a rope, pulled him and his truck to the ground, and left him to die. However, something more has been prepared for her by destiny. She chooses to take her long-awaited vengeance and terminate her unfinished company, not long enough to maintain a low profile and even change her name to Doris. Doris meets Ethan, and, based on some general trauma, they interact with the past.

Overall, a dark and erotic vengeance game that involves weapons, violence, twisted storylines, and hyper-noir dramas begin. The series is based on a world run by men. At any turn, there is aggression and supremacy, and therefore, the most convincing aspect of the show is a woman who gets up against all the odds and calls the shots. Her whole feminist anger brings the series a different dynamic, and as the distinction between good and bad is blurred, fans have a hard time pondering their emotions.

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