United Kingdom Becomes The First Nation To Be Hit By The Second Wave Of Coronavirus

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  • Boris Johnson has now started urging people to stay home if they can, 
  • Also, all pubs, bars, restaurants, and other hospitality sites will now be closed by 10 pm from Thursday.
Few months experts warned the world that coronavirus will not leave us that soon. They also talked about the second wave of the virus. And it seems like we are here now. October and November were the designated month for the second wave. The United Kingdom has reportedly been hit by the second wave. Cases are once again rising exponentially and it seems like the nation will go back to the old days. That is the days of strict lockdown.

The Second Wave Of Coronavirus

To tackle the rapid escalation of the second wave, PM Boris on Tuesday urged people to work from home. He will also curb the timing of bars, pubs, and restaurants. But all those in his opposition said that he is losing control. Millions across the United Kingdom are already under some sort of restrictions. And it seems that people are trying to make these restrictions and curbs the ‘new normal.
Ministers and officials said that Prime Minister will tighter the curbs and will make citizens follow them severely. But he is trying to avoid another nationwide lockdown like the one in March. Johnson is set to hold an emergency meeting with ministers and address parliament at 1130 GMT. And he will address the people at 1900 GMT. Scientists have already warned that the cases will soar up without any sort of warning.
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One must recall that it was only a few weeks ago when Johnson urged people to return to work. But now he is willing to do the exact opposite to save the lives. Officials said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will advise them to start at home. All the spaces of hospitality will be asked to shut after 10 pm. The minister of the cabinet office, Michael Gove told The Sky New:
“There is going to be a shift in emphasis. If people can work from home, we are going to encourage them to do so”.
But those who can not work from home will have to work from Coronavirus secure places.

Scientific Reasoning

It is quite unclear whether the steps taken to tackle the second wave will be effective or not. According to Scientist if things are not taken care of then the UK will report 50,000 cases per day by mid-October.
Labour leader Keir Starmer (opposition) called down Boris’s leadership and over failing in tests. He said,
” Instead of getting a grip, our government has lost control. Our testing system collapsed just when we needed it the most”. To recall, the UK has the largest death toll from COVID in entire Europe.

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