PM Modi calls for “reformed multilateralism”: UN

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PM Modi said the United Nations faces a “crisis of confidence” without comprehensive reforms. He asserted that the world needs a reformed multilateralism that reflects today’s realities; gives voice to all stakeholders, addresses contemporary challenges, and focuses on human welfare. He calls for reformed multilateralism assumes special significance as it comes on the eve of India taking a seat at the powerful UN Security Council as an elected non-permanent member for a two year beginning January 1, 2021.

Modi said on Monday in his video address to the High-Level meeting of the General assembly; to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations “We cannot fight today’s challenges with outdated structures. Without comprehensive reforms, the UN faces a crisis of confidence.”

As the Un marks 75 years of its existence, the 193-member UN General Assembly adopted a forward-looking political declaration that gave a clarion call for strengthening mechanism to combat terrorism, reformed multilateralism, inclusive development, and better preparedness to deal with challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

PM Modi calls for “reformed multilateralism”: UN

Noting that the declaration also acknowledges the need for reform of the United Nations itself; Modi said, “For today’s interconnected world, we need to reformed multilateralism that reflects today’s realities; gives voice to all stakeholders, addresses contemporary challenges and focuses on human welfare.”

He said India looks forward to working with all other nations towards this end. India has been spearheading decades-long effort to reform the Security Council; saying a structure set up in 1945 does not reflect contemporary realities; of the 21st century and is ill-equipped to handle current challenges. There is widespread support, including by four of the five permanent members of the Security Council – the US, UK, France, and Russia for a permanent seat for India at the council.

India’s priorities for its tenure on the Security Council find “resonance” in the; Declaration that echoes New Delhi’s call for strong mandate against terrorism; reformed multilateralism, and inclusive development. India’s overall objective during its tenure in the UN Security Council will be the achievement of NORMS (New Orientation for a Reformed Multilateral System).

In the declaration, the Heads of State and Government categorically noted; that the world of today is very different from what it was when; the United Nation was created 75 years ago.

Addressing the special commemorative event on the UN’s 75th anniversary; Modi said “75 years ago, a new hope arose from the horrors of war. For the first time in human history, an institution was created for the entire world.”

He said as a founding signatory of the UN Charter; India was part of that noble vision; which reflected India’s own philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which sees all creation as a family. The Prime Minister said, “Our world today is a better place because of the United Nations.”

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