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Locked Up Season 6: This is Antena 3 ‘s Spanish crime drama series. The show was cancelled after the 2nd season first aired in April 2015 but was later picked up by Fox for the 3rd and 4th seasons. The display garnered an enormous following. ‘Vis a vis: El Oasis’, which is the original Spanish title of the film, was announced as the 5th Season of the show. The series initially revolved around a naïve girl who was tricked into embezzling funds for her boyfriend and ultimately ended up in prison. She needs to confront life’s harsh facts now to learn to live.

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Locked Up, created by the Spanish network Antennas 3, is a Spanish crime drama series. The show debuted on April 20, 2015. The show was canceled after 2 seasons but was later picked by Fox Spain for its third and fourth seasons. The series has also been well received by critics and several awards have been won by the cast. The spin-off will be numbered Season 5, which has been released exclusively on Netflix.

The spin-off consists of eight episodes and was released on July 31 and can also be viewed on Netflix by fans. On Netflix, Locked Up Season 5 was released on July 31, 2020. Because of the crisis, the Season 6 accident is expected to be postponed. We are still monitoring news related to the suspension of Season 6, which is yet to be confirmed.


As Maggie Civantos plays Macarena Ferreiro, Alba Flores as Saray Vargas de Jesus, Najwa Nimri as Zulema Zahir, Maria Isabel Diaz as Soledad Nunezern, Ana Maria as Picchio and Ramiro Blas as Carlos Sandoval Castro, Season 6 will see the talented actors reprising their roles once again.


The storey revolves around Macarena and Zulma and, during her tenure, Macarena picks Zulma. They decide that murdering and raping the wealthy is the best way to live life. Things were not expected of him and the rest you will have to see and know until you want to reveal a spoiler to me. The spin-off got negative public feedback. Many of them weren’t pleased about how it worked out with one of their favourite characters. Macarena appears to like her employer in season 5 and we have had instances where it is easy to take offence.

He was released from gaol, and the collection’s past starts by introducing us to Macarena Ferrero, a charming, tiny, blonde woman who falls in love with her employer. This lady can be clever because all of these scams, like accounting companies, can be done by Wise and they all have fake businesses going.

Since committing different offences, he is returned to gaol. However, in a large vineyard, he was released from prison. When in gaol, in a new place, he faces mental distress and even has to fear the inmates who accept Zulma’s main antagonist.

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