Ashley Garcia Genius In Love Part 3: Netflix’s verdict?

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Ashley Garcia Genius in Love Part 3 had a lot of hype from the audience. However, it seems like Netflix does not intend to do anything about the show’s future. Ashley Garcia Genius In Love or The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is an American web TV series on Netflix. The show premiered on February 17, 2020. The second part of the first season premiered a few months later in July. It is a comedy series that came from the brains of Seth Kurland and Mario Lopez. The shows show teenagers and their amazing feats in an interesting way.

The show is about a girl Ashley Garcia who moved across the country to live with her uncle and follow a career in robotics. The show takes us along her journey as she navigates her life into adulthood and into the relationships. To those who were eager to get the show for Ashley Garcia Genius in Love Part 3, read to know what is the official verdict.

Ashley Garcia Genius in Love Part 3
Ashley Garcia, the prodigy

Is Ashley Garcia Genius In Love part 3 renewed?

Netflix has chosen not to renew the series for any further seasons. The show had only one season which was released in two parts. There were debates and rumors about a third part of the same season, but, Netflix decided to not release it anymore. So, there won’t be any Ashley Garcia Genius In Love Part 3. However, this is not the end of the show. There are some Christmas episodes of the show which will release in December 2020. These will not mark a proper farewell to the show. They are in no specific way any closure episodes. They are just the remnants of the comedic series which Netflix is still to premiere.

The reason is a low rating and less viewership of the show, though it is pretty popular among the young people. Also, the main reason which can pertain to the show’s ending is the genre. Netflix does not do well with multi-camera comedy which is good for a split but Netflix is more of a platform with straight delivery series. This was a sort of a testing show but Netflix has washed its hands off of it.

Ashley Garcia Genius in Love Part 3
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Who is in the cast?

The cast of the show included a talented ensemble of young and experienced actors. The chemistry they had was realistic and surpassing. They include Paulina Chavez as Ashley Garcia, Conor Husting as Tad Cameron, Bella Podaras as Brooke Bishop, Reed Horstmann as Stick Goldstein, and Jencarlos Canela as Victor Garcia.

The release date of the Christmas episodes is still not out. But, expect them to air around the time of Christmas, the happiest time of the year. Even though these episodes will not bid adieu officially, we can do it on or part, though very sadly!

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