The Shrimp Eating Parasite “Orthione Griffenis” Had Reached Pacific Ocean!

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A Shrimp Eating parasite had reached the northern waters of the Pacific Ocean. The parasite, native to Russia and Asia is a very dangerous animal. Year, experts had discovered this new isopod near the Calvert Island in British Columbia. In the past 30 years, the isopods had wiped out the entire population of the mud shrimp in California and Washington. It led to the destruction of the regions fragile ecosystem.

By the Zero parasite had reached Vancouver Island. And in the recent days, Oceanographers had found it near Calvert Island. And according to the experts, this is the largest jump in the movement of the parasite in the northern direction.

Cause Of The Transfer Of The Shrimp Eating Parasite

The Shrimp Eating Parasite
Orthione Griffins

For first scientist thought that the parasite travels through the man controlled transport. Yeah, like they travel distance through large ships. But recent research and study have shown that the parasite, Orthione Griffins travels the long-distance on its own.

Scientists are continuously tracking the movement of the parasite. According to them after reaching the northern coast of British Columbia, it will continue to travel towards Alaska, which is considered the upper limit of the range of mud shrimp.

Everything To Know About The “Orthione Griffins”

Orthione Griffins is an Isopoda parasite, who lives in the water of East Asia and the West Coast Of North America. It is an Epicaridean Isopoda parasite, found on the Upogebia chamber of the mud shrimp. And the male and female counterparts of this parasite are different from each other. In fact, females are longer than males.

Their infection process is also quite long. Firstly, Orthione Griffins are hatched as larva that attached themselves to copepods and then metamorphose into a Microniscus larva. And even after that, they molt several times until they become cryptonicus larva that can affect the mud shrimp.

And as I have said earlier, they are natives species to the coast of Russia, Japan, South Korea, China. For the facts, they were first discovered on the coast of Willapa Bay in Washington in 1988. Since then it had been transported from British Columbia, Canada to Baza California, Mexico. Firstly they had transported with the cargo ships bound from Asia emptying their ballast tanks off the coast of North America.

But suddenly there spreading on a larger scale and the faster scale is a topic of concern for the ecologist and the environmentalist. So, they are tracking their movement and understanding the cause of spread.

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