Pandora Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Updates.

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CW’s Pandora is an American science fiction series. The aired last year on July 16. Within a few days, it gained huge popularity among the viewers. The show is a futuristic one. Because of its incredible screenplay and fighting sequence the show got so popular. Right after the release of season 1, the creature announced the show for renewal. The show is set in the year 2199. The show narrates the story of a resourceful young woman who has lost everything. But she a new Life at Earth’s space training academy. From then on her and her friends protects the galaxy from evil forces. We have gathered all the information regarding Pandora Season 2. So keep reading.

When Can We Watch The New Season?

Season 1 of the debuted back in July of 2019. Therefore fans were kind of hoping that the new season will be released somewhere around. But no one hopes for the novel coronavirus. Due to which almost all the show got delayed or rescheduled. Earlier, creators of the show announced October 4 as the release date of Season 2. But now we are waiting for new updates. As it is very clear that the date will get shifted. Or due to some magic, it won’t. But let’s wait and see.

What Can We Expect From Pandora Season 2?

The story of Pandora has been set in the year 2199. The story revolves around a woman named Jax who survive an attack of the new Portland colony. She loses everything, including her parents but finds a reason to live at an Earth’s Space Training Academy again. She and her friends there learn how to protect and save Earth form both humans and aliens.

Pandora Season 2
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Pandora Season 2: The Cast And The Stars

Fortunately, fans will get to see all their favorite faces back on the screen. The star cast of Pandora Season 2 includes:
  • Priscilla Quintana plays the role of protagonist Pandora (aka Jacqueline” Jax” Zhou).
  • Oliver Dench plays the role of Xander Duvall.
  • Raechelle Banno plays the role of Atria Nine.
  • John Harlan Kim plays the role of Greg Li.
  • Ben Radcliffe plays the role of Allen.
  • Banita Sandhu plays the role of Delaney Pilar.
  • Noah Huntley plays the role of Professor Donovan Osborn.
  • Martin Babb- Semple plays the role of Thomas James Ross.
  • Tehmina Sunny plays the role of Regan Fried.
  • Tommie Earl Jenkins plays the role of Elison Pevney.
  • Vikash Bhai plays the role of Martin Shoal.
  • Manu Bennet plays the role of Leone Volk.
  • Amy McPherson plays the role of Matta

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